Its no longer the battle between big box stores and small rural stores now a few heavy hitters are getting into the fight.

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At the End of another Day Whoo hoo, finally got my Fruity Pebbles and my Twinkies. And guess what?It wasn’t from the local Walmart, but from Riddley’s Market. Seems that local retailers are stepping up their game to fight the invasion of such online giants as Amazon, while the big box stores like Walmart are asleep, and lame. And yet on one side one has to be sorry for Walmart employees who have no control over the inventory of what get’s stocked and what doesn’t, no that is in the lap of a few short sighted idiots called regional managers. Even national managers of which they cut that down to 5 across the nation. This is not the first time that I ran into the stubborn minds of Walmart. A few years ago, Pepsi who bottles MntDew, did up a fave of mine DewShine. Smiths Food and drug part of Kroger, could get it for me, but not Walmart. Of course the brand has since been discontinued but ah that stuff is good. Now its packaged as DewIce, its the same thing. And now you can get it in a big case rather than just 6 small bottles. The question is; is, are we seeing the death of Walmart? Or Just the death of Walmart retail stores and ore focus on Walmart online? On the subject of Walmart, have you seen the size and intelligence level of people who shop at Walmart, much less the employees? A few things you will never see at a Walmart, hot looking except on a rare sighting at a Walmart magazine or TV model, two a thin person, not in a electro powered buggy, and three employees that truly know their product line. It took me a half hour yesterday asking one there where was the Goody’s Powders? They moved them. Finally I found them on my own, even then just the small box not the 50 count I need(as I need 3 powders twice a day for my blood to keep it thin) Makes one wonder what do they teach new employees? Can we get any more stupid? Not that Amazon is much better, they too have their serious amount of stupid as well, like wise ever seen one of the younger whipper snappers in there trying to count back change without it being on that computer screen? Example; the other day, went to the checkout, my bill came to an even $8.00 handed the gal a $10.00 , I had to hold up my hands peel back 8 fingers and show the young one that the change was $2.00 out of $10.00. We need to show more work in our schools. Not only modern skills, but that of just simple math, and get cursive writing back in schools. I’m going back to watching TV. Of course you wont find any really drop dead gorgeous employees at least female at a Walmart exceptagain on a rarity , I have seen three in my life time, two in Evanston( I dated both of them) and one in Utah years ago, of which it was no date, just whip it out , whip it in, whip off , but ohh how these Twinkies taste good. 


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