Things that sound alike but are very different. And can we get a decent place to eat in the valley that wont make you sick>?

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eVER consider that certain words are by context as well as sounding, even spelling alike, yet have different definitions. Like the words TOE and TOW, sound alike, but are spelled different. The word TOE is a appedndage of your foot, while the word TOW means to drag along with you, as in needing a tow truck, years ago a intern of mine said why not just scrunch the words together as TOEW Hey it worked. Of course there are other things that conjure up an opinion or thought, such as my addiction to a certain soft drink that in no way is alcoholic, down here at a local eating establishment called Choates, brought into being year ago a thing called a scotch and soda, which is pink lemonade , with Sierra Mist and a squirt of Vanilla but it looks the part of its Alky cousin, and tastes oh so good. That’s why I go to Choates is the scotch and soda. Okay then, there is the word Hooker. In its usual context means a lady with not too moral behavior. On the other side the word Hooker just like Toew, means in CB jargon a toew(tow)truck. Years ago a retired Hooker brought into being a publication called PhooteNotes phootenotes Later a widely published truck sales company tried to publish something similar called T.R. FootNotes that never sold very well, but hey give them E for effort. The Toew Bro’s Club a subsidiary of the Knytes into all things toewing is working on an Idea to begin to publish PhooteNotes. With that said lets move on. KTOW FM radio is still hunting for a studio/office to house the station, the original location is pending, but the course of thought is to find a place here in Jerome that is not too expensive. 

For the last few days, my insides have been seen and all I see is white porcelan, with the lettering, American Standard. In essence I have been hurling for most of the last few days, to the point I have even hurled blood. Now I thought of the last few places of eating, that may have started this. The first place is Diamondz Event Center. I ate a grilled Cheese in there, that got me puking, but hey that not all, over at Choates there I had an open faced hamburger smothered in gravy, most of that was good going down but not coming back up, then went out to our local McDonalds here, and got a smokehouse bacon burger, I ate about half of it and shot back here to the Wolf’s Den, and started the upchucking. Was it just a simple virus that I caught or was it just bad food from three eating places? Even got sick at the Depot Grill yesterday. With all that the one thing I have been proud of without much input from me is their commitment to a town. When they see a need that could in time put money into the cash stash, they go after it. Now unless you have been deaf or blind or both, FX Network is about to launch a new series base on the counter club of SOA called the Myans, mayans-mc-key-art So with some smart thinking the Knytes are looking into bringing forth the Reaper. As in Reaper Club.  REAPER CLUB LOGO A eating and celebration place open to the public. Which is what the area needs a real good food, but not expensive southern viddles menu . Welcome to our place called Phootenotes phootenotes 


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