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As I turn in for the day and attempt sleep in undaunting heat,  was prompted to give this one off. Seems as though there hasn’t been much written or is that wrote? Any mile, not much is carved out for the unknowing of our parent organization, Call it the MuthaShip. Of course I’m ratchetJawing about the Iron Knytes association. Which is NOT, repeat NOT a Motorcycle(MC) Club. The Iron Knytes Association is a group of independent truckers an towing owner/operators who dig their rigs and love to share that affection with their fellow brethren. The bottom line is; the Iron Knytes Association is the reincarnation of what was hailed as the United American Independent Truckers Association. That has a history going back to both the Independent Truckers Association created by Mike Parkhurst of Overdrive Magazine fame, and the TeenAge Truckers Association 4-H 4H_Emblem.svg Club the only truck transportation 4-H Club ever created and still operates as a entry level organization for youth 16 to 21 that wants to truck or tow for a living. The Iron Knytes Association, started off as an idea, that I hatched one mid morning as I picked up a truck trade magazine, in it was a pic of the Iron Knight,volvo-iron-knight_827x510_71471515970 volvo-trac-from-the-dacs-record-110601_1 the fastest full size diesel truck ever built. It was off the throne and to my computer. A computer teleconference was held, and the rest well is history 2016 in Evanston Wyoming , The Iron Knytes Association was born. And has grown from just over 1,000 members in 3 years to just over 250,000 members today. Its sister organization the Iron Knytes Toewing Association has 50,000 members. For you thinking of details, The Knytes of Dixie which includes the real SAMCRO MC has 50,000 and the WolfPack has 25,000 with the other 25,000 members of our collective organization belonging to the Deere-Dazzlers Association and organization dedicated to restoration of old John Deere Farm Equipment. Any mile friends need sleep, next entry or so I’ll let you in on the reason behind both the creation of HazzardAyre Radio and of course KTOW FM

I need sleep.

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