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Yesterday was a short one, I stayed in bed most of it, nursing the tummy flu that I still have. Although yucky in my tummy I got in the need for feed, so trapesed down to the store. Staying real local until I figure out why my fuel guage is till not working. For the longest time about a year now the Little Stallion hasn’t missed a beat nor had anything major, go haywire. Yet only a week and the little hot rod such as it is 0716081855 and its having issues. Could it be some of the local Mexicali’s here are messing with it? Got an associate out by the airport, here that messes with cars, so going to sniff that out come Monday. I’m beginning to think that I cut my nose off to spite my face here. I dumped a whole house for a run down apartment that isn’t even an apartment. Found out that a few months or so ago the sewer pipe from the upstairs broke and dumped tons of liquid sewage in the same place I make food. If you think I’m not going to see a legal Eagle next week, you’d be mistaking. One of the many things that Utah has , that Idaho doesn’t is a Consumer Protection Commission. Among the many things they do is protect consumers from fraudulent landlords, that will try to bilk thousands of dollars from unsuspecting renters. At the very least I’ll most likely be back in either Wendell at the old place, on my way to Evanston, Wyoming. And $36,000.00 in lost revenue for the station, Plus pain and suffering for the excessive heat that I have had to endure due to improper ventallation. Out of that $36k $18k will go to Athyna the rest split between myself an the WolfPack. The fact is straight forward if I hadn’t gotten conned by the Rat who owns this place, Athyna would gotten her back wages as, what was presented and claimed by the Rats who own this place is not what really is. Even considering it wasn’t 4 days into me renting this place the neighbors set the upstairs on fire. The list goes on, but somebody is going to pay for all this, and the loss to the WolfPack for lost revenue with our radio network.

There was a concert here earlier last night by the son of Chris Ledoux who I worked with briefly along with Country Joe from KSOP FM in Utah. Wish I could have went, but having to buy food since I can’t make too much food here in this apartment sucked the wind out of my wallet and cash stash.  Speaking of Diamondz, I tried to softly pitch that idea of Angel to work at Diamondz as the establishment is seriously looking for daily prep and bar staff.

It’s going to be hot today

So I’m outta here, See ya’ll .

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