Aviators who ride Harley’s, many birds of the same feathers

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At this time on a Sunday I’m usually getting ready to head to Church, but with the Little Stallion on the frits and my stomach still wanting to exit my body decided to just stay home here in our barracks and heal thy wounds. So tuned in on MixCloud to hear one or two of our radio shows, and during which discovered the exact episode of Magnum PI that was a backdoor pilot(no pun intended) episode to AirWolf. The episode is called ” Two Birds of a Feather” Okay some personal crap to clear up here this morning. Yes, I shot myself in the foot moving from Wendell when I did, for all the wrong reasons. The first was the same crooks, who was to rent us the office structure for KTOW/AyreWolfFM, had this apartment so I moved the basic concept that blew up in my face, was I’d move here, Athenia would move to the place in Wendell, and sub lease from me. When circumstances, including but not limited to the problems with online banking took hold with PoohBear in June, and mine in July there wasn’t enough green stuff. So I rented this joint. Yes it is a dump, and yes going over on Monday to check the other place I found here. However the reassuring thing is, at least for now, I have a roof over my head , a warm bed, and a latrine combined with shower. So I’m okay. Not thrilled but getting comfortable. A few ago I was talking about the reasons this radio thing we do even exists. After all I pretty much quit radio in 1986 somewhere. When what is now KTOW was created it was on the concept of establishing a radio network/program for us in towing. After all back then there was 3 maybe 4 over the road trucker shows, from Dave Nemo and the RoadGang, to the Trucking Bozo, to Bill Mack and the Midnight Trucker Network. However there was a cat out of Utah, who was running via ISDN a show called JOC Radio, he’d produce the content and it was delivered out of KOB out of Alberquacky New Mexico. In time we’d harvest the remains of that network and eventually acquire ITRN or Interstate Trucker Radio Network. But I’m getting ahead of myself. KTOW was created to be the radio voice for all who tow, as we say it the only station in the nation, on radio for those who tow trying to make a buck driving a tow truck. In essence be for us who tow on radio, like the trucker networks were for those who truck. In 2005 just shy of my medical discharge from the 214, the idea of establishing a radio gig for those who fly was on my mind. The BlackSheep Aviation Association had just been created and needed a voice. It was amazing that so few knew of Greg Boyington, Chuck Yeager and others. In late 2005 AyreWolfFM was created and ran over a now defunct online radio station out of Oregon. That ran on until 2009 after the disaster in Gooding Idaho the network went silent. Until 2011, when I got a bolt of lightning inspiration, that you know as HazzardAyre Radio. Over time we included our MC subsidiary Knytes-of-Dixie/SAMCRO MC , and started running online radio in favor of that as part of the HazzardAyre Radio Network. The rest of the story is history. Now to wrap this up, SAMCRO MC was created as part of the AyreWolvez Aviation Association because many of us who fly, and we inducted and proudly served this nation as members of the VMA-214/BlackSheep, also love to ride bikes, Harley’s, Indians, Nortons, and so on. We build and ride. Yes we are many birds of a feather always United, as we say it, Divided we Park, United we ride. Nuff said.

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