The Demons of Fame and the discernment of social media sites.


There is a time in your life when as much as you’d like to hold onto the what was you find that what was can’t be again at least not in the same way. After much prayer and thought the process although painful in a way, I am closing the book, on me being anything else except myself as AyreWolf and putting to rest me being anything Cooter. Cooter is a TV Character on a TV show called the Dukes-of-Hazzard. Now I’m not leaving Hazzard County or that way of life, but I’m not Cooter Davenport or Ben, Jones who portrayed him on the said TV show. I will continue my side of the Hazzard County legacy through both Hazzard County Choppers as well as HazzardAyre Aviation , But the rest of it has gotten way out of hand the results of which has not been good as it was during the TV show’s original run, there is no money coming into our organizations from either Ben or his tourist attraction, So I’m done with it. 

I will have more later on here, but a very intelligent lady taught me something just a few months ago. Its basicly this; To do the same things, the same way and expecting new results is stupid. Yes its great to hold onto tradition, heritage, history and all that , and yes I will continue to fight for the Southern cause. but outside of that I fly, I fix aircraft, and I do radio and its time I spend time doing that. Like Ben, I too will soon be married to the second love of my life, my dear PoohBear. I need to start bringing in money, and as such I need to get back in the air as well as on the air.

See you in a few hours, I’m catching some sleep and getting Little Stallion to the hospital for some repairs.


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