If only you could redoux a decade even a day

wolf lairboa

Can we rewind Monday and start it again? It was really a Monday. Started off by finding that our darling race driver and one of my dearest friends on the planet, and the only woman that has ever drove LexiBelle, from over Boise way, got onslaughted by some photos from PoohBear, on PoohBear’s newsfeed. Yes again that damn FakeBook, so after some wrangling on that and making sure Mirinda was good with me and all. Now PoohBear was falling all over herself saying she didn’t post this or that and that Mirinda said she did not know me nor the Club. This was not so, how could one who is the first ever female ever allowed to be a patched member of the Knytes rebirth, who saved my life simply through kindness, and mere expressions of charity during my re-entry to civilian life in 2009 and who I had many sit down coffee meetings with and even what I would say counseling meetings every morning in Gooding not know me? This was something of noise from PoohBear that did not play well. With that solved to a point, I simply told PoohBear, that you never ever send things or post things of or about a member of the Knytes, without going through me. The proper method would have been to send Mirinda a text and ask if it was okay to post such things. So then; went into the shop. Had a brief early morning breefing, and too jacked to go to bed, went out to see where this so called fix it guy was that I met at Choates who BTW is looking for a new cook, seems several people got sick there lately eating there. So this guy says he could fix Little Stallion, the fuel guage is really not working well, one says its the sender, one says its the pump, but next Thursday it goes in at 18:00 to Doyle who is a Stock Car guy at Fast Lane Automotive, and after should be okay. Now in betwixed all this decided to go out to see about the spot we wanted to get hitched. Seems that skirmish I had with those idiots last year here, over Corsairs, made it to where AirPower UNLIMITED does not want after all to host PoohBear and I’s wedding. I could go over the if’s and’s and butt’s why but we’ll just leave it. The bridge is burned no immediate plans to rebuild, but wait until AirPower finds that half a million dollars missing from the WolfPack, as a yearly donation, wait until the Jerome County Commissioners and Jerome County Airport board, decides to not renew their lease on that hangar out there. More over and I can remember this well, when my 3rd Cousin Gordon Sant and I sat in my mini truck at Bountiful SkyPark in Utah. Right on the flight line, and I was just watching the planes and helicopters land and take off. And I thought then even more so now, Whatever AirPower here in Jerome was doing we as the WolfPack could do even better. In fact if truth be known it was at that very hour that the restart of the BlackSheep Aviation Association, was converted to the AyreWolvez Military Aviation Association aka the the WolfPack. Why could we establish not one but at least 4 centers or hangar spaces, and rebuild vintage warbird aircraft? Not just fixed winged like the Corsair, but too rotorcraft such as Huey’s and such? So with most things done I hit the rack at 12:00 hours, and slept until just at 20:00 Hours, only then woke up due to need for feed. One thing I have noticed and maybe its just management hiring practices or something but a few good things happened yesterday. First with my usual point of sale for my flavor of SKOAL went to another, where the sweet lady at store number 28, asked could I use a job? So going out to explore that a bit, later today. Met Doyle that was good, and at the time for need for feed, met another hottie at the Jerome Maverick store. April and Kaylee there are eye candy to the 120% level. Then in saving myself in going to the concept  of shooting myself in the foot again, drove by during the day to check out a place that was priced low over on 7th Ave west here in Jerome. Really PoohBear? That place is a dump trying to fall in on itself. for now I’m just remaining right here in my little apartment attached to a shop, where an office/studio is waiting for us. Looking back on my world, it seems 80% of my troubles revolve around and are directly tied to FakeBook. I can remember my PSR here, telling me to not post things on there. I can remember my great friend whose counseling I needed on a regular basis, Mark from my old LDS Ward in ETown who said me and FakeBook are like oil and water they just don’t mix.  Much of my getting behind in rents, utilities etc are from and because of buying ads on there for our warbird pinup girl projects and getting the word out about the radio op, that few read, and those that do have little to no  money to contribute towards the WolfPack nor to the radio op. To be honest, if it were not for a few automatic programs for the radio op, and to relay 411 to the WolfPack, I’d simply quit FakeBook. The fuss yesterday between, Mirinda and PoohBear, cause? FakeBook, the fuss that burned the bridge with us and AirPower ULMTD, cause FakeBook, the list goes on. Do we really need FakeBook? That in my next entry.

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