The Story of PhooteNotes and US.


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Notice here >35645527_246225439265036_8096436935519633408_n this is my PoohBear, now granted she can be a pest, yes she’s no super model, but then neither am I, that’s why I’m mostly on radio and film production not on camera. That all said, yes she puts up shit on Fakebook, that she shouldn’t and there are life lessons she has not learned, but can. She’s not stupid, naive perhaps but not stupid and most importantly I love her, we ARE getting MARRIED in October, on the 31st, just don’t know right now where. The 31st of October is the founding Birthday of the Knytes, then as the Hazzard County Knytes(Knights), and now as the Iron Knytes Association, the encapulates, the Knytes-of-Dixie{Aka SAMCROMC}, the AyreWolvez, and the Deere Dazzlers Association. Yes there are rules and such with the Club, and yes PoohBear violated one yesterday, but she’s learning as many of ya’ll did. Again the most important thing is I love her, and she is my mate. 

Okie Dokie, then: Back in I think late 1989, maybe 1990, I first discovered sitting in the office around a pot bellied stove drinking 8 day old coffee with a soon to be Toew Bro, I picked up this newspaper style thing about towing called PhooteNotes.  It wasn’t glossy like Tow Times, nor as much on the bias towards big tow truck fleets, here was a publication dedicated to and published for us small time tow op’s Well this was my kind of publication. Here was a publication that thought about the two words TOW and TOE and put it together as Phoote(foot)Notes. Come to find out the French spell foot as PHOOTE. When I thought I’d love to have LexiBelle featured in this publication. Over time that  did happen. I also remember when I picked up the publication again was when I stumbled upon the best bunch of folks you’d ever want to meet in this business. Tony’s Towing of then Murray Utah. I remember when my son Mike, went in one day there at Tony’s and Tony, licked his face, I also remember Tommy. Now Tommy. by all means is a Knyte, as well as a Toew Bro. I stored LexiBelle, and another QRU Service truck at Tony’s, but more important a friendship was built there.  Tommy gave us and me several concepts. Cooter’s Kustmz as Tommy said it not customized Cooter-Ized. That stuck and built Cooter’s Kustmz into a house hold name as far as radical customs. Cooter’s Kustmz BTW is now Hazzard County Choppers. Tommy came up with the perfect name for a cafe. He said just call it; That One Place.  Why not? Think about it, your going to a tow or such and thinking where to eat , and you ask your wing-person, where do we eat today, and he(or-She) says, ” That One Place”, BTW That One Place cafe is being built in Morgan Utah , Grace Idaho and Soda Springs Idaho, with a third, being considered in Evanston Wyoming.  With that said, here with PhooteNotes on the site of KTOW FM, is all the things we don’t have time on air to squeeze in on the shows. Plus here is where you can get the products you need and learn about tow op protocol, plus here is where YOU will get the latest skivvy on what is going on with all the organizations under the umbrella of the Iron Knytes Association which includes the WolfPack and Samcro MC. But we want to grow more beyond that. What we want to do here is share your towing stories, We want to share your stories of people and your rides, bikes, planes helicopters, trucks. Let’s grow PhooteNotes into being what it was and beyond. That’s the mission of PhooteNotes, to be the written word of all things radical customs and towing. The day is starting but let’s make this thee place for gearheads. 


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