And then there are the geographically challenged at what I call Fakebook.

ika1awolf lair

So been noticing that I’m getting all kinds of places to go to eat and such on Fakebook, from Soda Springs, Idaho. I hate to inform those college aged, people at Fakebook, but if they would just get out a map, an old paper style map, and look they would find that Soda Springs is roughly 250 east to southeast of JEROME Idaho. Now their map to where I’m at here is near to dead on. Yet why is it that miles wise the idiots at Fakebook can’t see and put on my suggestion pages, places out here in Jerome, rather that Soda Springs. Yes most of my kin folk on my Mom’s side is in nearby Grace Idaho. My parents are buried there in the Grace cemetery , and yes in the same place is where I’m inside LexiBelle when the time comes will be buried there in Grace. But geographicly I’m in Jerome Idaho not Soda Springs nor Grace. The problem is seldom does these people who work for Fakebook, ever get out of the campus in California, from behind the cubicle and see the rest of the world, or at least that there is a bunch of America between California and NYC. map of usa In fact much of the nation including politicians forget there is a full nation between California and DC. To Them the nation might as well look like thistodays nation The same ideas were at the forefront of the skirmmish betwixed the states in 1861 to 1868. The tyrants including Abe not so honest Lincoln, against the states south of the Mason/Dixen line. After awhile of getting taxed, and legislated out of just about everything the founding fathers of the southern states said enough. They raised arms and said kiss our grits. Most of ya’ll know the rest. Over the next few decades even in to today under the US flag, Native american’s were slaughtered, lands stolen, and much more even today the Bundy trials in both Utah and western Oregon, are attest, that DC or those living there have no clue to what’s going on out here. Again tyrants. In a few more decades these same young people who tool at such tech companies as Fakebook, and Google will be leaders, in government and elsewhere. It’s time that we get em out of behind their cubicles so even simple tasks as recognizing both Idaho and Wyoming communities are not such a mental challenge for them. Same goes for telecoms, like Cable-One, CenturyLink, Cox, and others. What a place we have, but thankfully I have the lord and the love of a  nation under a flag that will once again grace everywhere.


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