Aren’t you glad ya’ll live out here in the Mountain West instead of back east where everything seems so complicated?


boa Okay the monologue . I wake up after a long days snooze, from 12:30 to just at 21:00, then venture off to Maverick, first the clerk there tonight at the Jerome Maverick, was not the sweet honey usually there, and did not care about pleasing customers and had no inclination to work a work around on a fouled terminal. See I tried 4 times there to get my grub card to work, but hey didn’t work, I went, to the car, called the card issuer yep card is fine, tried it again same no can do. So drove over to Twin Falls to a Maverick, guess what ? the gal there knew what to do it worked, got what I needed, came home. Words with the store manager in the morning here yep, can you say Job Opening? So was watching a quik flick on FakeBook, about putting a gun piece on the shifter of his ride, kinda looked cool, but came several comments along the line of if the cops here saw that you’d be dead. Here in our area they’d say it was kinda nifty. Obviously if the thing is welded to the shifter shaft, cut off, and firing pin removed its not going to be used for whacking anyone, so what’s the problem? The problem in this nation back east is, that our nation is too damn paranoid. Dang it people pull your heads out. We ain’t defeated yet, Trump ain’t won yet, nor has the leftest Socialists party. This is still America, only by unificaton are we going to win over these communistic Tyrants and execute Southern beliefs. On that, there is radio ads running on Tennessee radio stations for the SOCV. How about running those same ads on our online station? I darn tell ya’ll this they’d get greater coverage, for much less cost, but that’s why there  is the SOCV, and the Knytes-of-Dixie, the Knytes do not know the meaning of the word retreat nor that of defeat. We in and of the Knytes don’t honor the Confederacy, because its the HIP thing to do, we honor the Confederacy and fight for this flag csaflag because its the right thing to do, we believe in those Generals, as well as many of its troops, soldiers and traditions. Look when the shyt hits the fan and its getting there every day, its this flag, csaflag that everybody will be bowing down to. Maybe instead of all this infighting, maybe the SOCV and others that claim to be for the cause, starts working up a platform and all so we can run a candidate on the Confederate States Party, for President in 2020. But my isn’t it great not to be a mid 30 year old and younger, punk, living back east where things seem so complicated? The Mountain West is today’s Confederate South. It’s time to stand up. Be counted. Lets fix the young stupid with some old time today intelligence. 

My Samcro Toew Sigika1a

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