Connections in Common? Is LinkedIn stupid I have no commerce connections in common.


My bones are getting much older, my patience level especially for Yankee stupid is much thinner, yet there are stringers like LinkedIn that would even suggest that there should be or is a person at least in commerce, common to to me, fact is there isn’t any.  Much of this comes from the belief that if I’m so great why am I not making more money, needing to eat on a grub card etc. Why? Because my Cousin Bud back in 1998 or so took Montgomery Trust money that belonged to me and without my permission invested it in some bogus annuity based out of Washington State connected to MetroLife, that went belly up when a few folks from the SEC commission nosed around and found some executives were skimming money out of the investors. Now if my Cousin Bud , had taken that same money from the sale to BTW Governor now, not back then, but Governor Butch Otter, and Scott Simplot, that money was to buy me a place I had in mind in Price Utah. A house, 4 big bay shop, and 6 newer tow trucks. Bud thought and said if you were to give the world an Eneema it would be be Price Utah to do it. Right now I’d be set. After the investigation of the embezzlement of the Montgomery Trust, thing went into court, and its said by late this year mid next year some of that $250,mill. Will start to trickle back to me and, so that’s why my wings got cut. So Bud got me SSI money on top of my Military pension, and a grub card. Rather than give up I keep pushing to get back to the top of the World. On the idea of moving to western Idaho, I made a serious mistake. Had I remained in ETown, Wyoming, not made a migration, here to Western Idaho, mainly Wendell, where I believed idioticly that things that was and all was now rather than, what is now, only reason I moved then was, because my lady had a feud with some in ETown, and as such spent a year and a half in Wendell,Idaho and all perhaps on two levels, LexiBelle could have and could now be making me me money. Roughly it comes, that for every tow call for and with Highway Hooker Toewing I get here in Western Idaho, I get at least 5 to 10 calls for services in southwestern Wyoming. The loss of the truck and funds, from that wasted on the idea of firing up the radio op, on the claims of Cable-One/ and a long term fight with CenturyLink, and the loss of $500.00 per hour every hour that we are not on air, in ad revenue loss, and PoohBear wonders why I have to bleed off of her money. Hey if she could have just learned to live in ETown, the shop of mine could have been saved, radio op firing on all 8 cylinders, and LexiBelle wouldn’t have been damaged. , so with that said; when I get these pitches from LinkedIn to add connections with others I have in common with. Show me at  least one HA member on LinkedIn, then we’ll talk, otherwise LinkedIn , go away as you have no one in common with me.


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