So far its working

So far the fuel guage on mini Stallion is working so guess I’m okay for now. So earlier in the face of starvation, went to our local Walmart. Of course one of my hottie EMT’s was there chowing down so we chatted for a bit, then I went in to snag some eats. Figured adding some fruit was a good idea, but hey, someone didn’t check expiration dates, including me,, so I came home ate one can and found myself looking into the white bowl. So am home watching YouToo TV. Looks like the local yocals over in Tweaker Flatts that run the thing has got some new additions to it, but it ain’t what it was nor what it could be if the Reaper Crew was in charge of it. No matter day or night anymore both Fakebook, and such grade LPTV networks offer little to nothing in creative programming or content. Fakebook has mostly things for women, near regardless of age, but little for men. Same thing on YouToo TV. Outside of Big Biz TV, the rest of it is cooking shows. Some are not bad, But I really dislike, that one program with that overly BLM woman on there. It’s okay I guess , but you can get the groove on who that show is for. 

Okay then; PhooteNotes here is an extension of the publication we created back in 1979 just before I found all things Hazzard. Highway Hooker Magazine is an independent look and news source for all of really small operations towing services operating in the rural west. While I really admired and still do such publications as Tow Times and American Towman, those publications are written about and for huge fleets primarily based in the eastern half of our nation. The challenges we face are far more than what those back east. With that in mid 1980 just before Bro and I went to Utah with the General, Highway Hooker was launched as an evening radio show on our mini trucker radio network Dixie Diesel Radio. With what I see any more being posted on Fake book and all about our industry its time that we as an organization and this as its written word, become a lot more vocal.

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