Can we have an update on the GPS system Please?

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So went to verify one our pages on Fakebook. The bastards at Fakebook says our address is a business address. Really? What the frack is it we’re doing here, is not our pages on Fakebook business related? Why should that matter? If your establishing a business account on Fakebook, should the location be well? At a business address? So then PoohBear started looking for my place. 209B North Lincoln in Jerome Idaho is a very tiny apartment sitting behind a shop its a basement apartment. Something tells me that a visit to both the landlords and city hall might be needed here, but thing is there’s an older apartment complex next to us, a spook doctor okay Chripractor on the other side, A title and loan company next to it. Behind me is a Church then another apartment complex. Apparently the goofballs looking into grid assignments at FakeBook, Google, even GPS have not really gotten out from behind their cubicles. Here is what my place looks like in frontcbk this is what my place looks like from in the back,0716081855 its all at 209 North Lincoln in Jerome Idaho. But try to explain that to those hardly wet behind the ears college aged and not so educated gurus at Fakebook, Google and the like is near to impossible. True, an 11,000 population city as Jerome isn’t going to get Zuckerburg out of bed, nor the Hadji’s at Google,but damn its time some of  those robotic cars, needs to venture up here. It’s the same same thing I went through in Evanston, at both shops. One was behind Freeway Tires there, they kept saying it ain’t there, funny it sure as hell is . Similar to that was our shop out on highway 150 there just outside of ETown, there. They kept saying it ain’t there, funny I kept going there every day. Just because their technology hasn’t caught up with the rural west don’t make it , as its not so. Its just that some P&Z person, forgot to show it on a frigging grid map. However that said, if you need the fuzz or fire department they can find it. So I did my own quick look up. the data on the Google maps and all is so old, that its not funny. Lighthouse Loan Company is long gone out of business, what was once a doctors office, is a large home and is attatched to my downstairs apartment, by two star cases. It’s not a Doctors office no more, and the repair shop is long gone out of business, just waiting for us to renovate and activate. I’m looking for the day when this primate way of communicating through what is social media including Fakebook, becomes simplistic That’s why I like riding bikes, you get out from behind a keyboard and really go and take a look. Its amazing what you see. I did figure out though the other day, if you really want to completely confuse this gen x culture, use old fashioned CB jargon. They will have no idea what your saying. I read yesterday a thing on Bloomberg about Fakebook. Did you know that Fakebook stock is in a freefall status? Likewise but not as much Twitter. The only one with its head above water is Google. Fewer people are subscribing on Fakebook, fewer with Twitter. In Europe areas, its much less, that the US. But still enough, makes ya’ll wonder, maybe its time for Fakebook and Twitter employees and content editors to get off their butts, out of California and see the rest of America.

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