So now we are seeing the rollout of Fakebook’s Personal Blogs, where people who are selling product can do so without it costing money

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In the words of another BlackSheep, killing people and animals is about the same, both are like going hunting. I see so many folks on the pages of Fakebook, talking about death, welcoming the Reaper, and so on, yet few if any of them get’s a real thrill in the kill. Granted Heavenly Father says Thou Shalt not Kill, in my opinion there are times its required to thin out the herd. Few others get a real sense of happiness squeezing off a round into a humans head and watching it explode or more over implode, and seeing brains and blood scatter all over the ground. As for myself I rather enjoy it. Course its like when I was a kid, taking a black cat firecracker, stuffing it up a cats ass, and lighting it and watching half of the cats ass come off about half way up the cats hind quarters. The first time I saw fatal injury was just before I went into the UCSMC. Bro, and I were enjoying a meal at the then Flying J in Boise. Somebody tripped this gal serving tables the entire bowls of hot soup ended up in my lap, Bro said you say your sorry, the perp said he couldn’t hear Bro. Bro got out his blade, and off came the guys ears, Bro just asked the perp, can you hear me now. Gooffiest thing the fuzz never hauled us in, just called the meat wagon, and told us, job well done. We got food there free for as long as it was open. Reminds me and don’t know why, but this subject came up last night, but the incident a few months ago at  the River Worship Center when after the noon meal and service and the Pastor was talking to me about heading up the outfit of their TV/Radio thing. This white haired bastard started smarting off, one of our guys said its good that none of the rest of the MC was there, or there wouldn’t be a white haired bastard. And its only by my hand and forgiveness that the prick is still walking and breathing today, even so he’s on leased time. So many say, that we make big noise, thing is the last time we whacked someone was years ago in a nearby town. Some con artists and Taxi cab company owner found out that you never promise something to the Knytes what you never intend to deliver. Usually our MC is quiet, tame, and helping our communities, piss us off, and its adios, hope you have lots of insurance for your wives and children, cause you ain’t going to be there.

Stay Tuned.


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