This week is starting off good, hope its not a sign of things to come. People who have never trucked, should not act like they have or do.

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This was a Sunday, one of which I hope never happens again. Was going to go get food then attend Church, except when I went outside , found no car. Immediately I called the fuzz. Sat down a few, and got caught in a severe anxiety attack coupled with a what the Doc, said was a minor cardiac episode. So up until about 16:00 all i did this Sunday was watch the Disney channel, a meat spuds meal, and wires protruding from every spot on my body, along with tubes, needles and so on. Oh I had a great Sunday. Except even though I hit to go to Church, I suddenly remembered it was Sunday, only because one oriental gal trying to find a vein she could puncture to drain blood from. It took an older charge nurse to get things done. So with one bit of pain meds, that had Oxi in it, and one helluva kicker of Tylenol they said I couldn’t walk home. What? It’s only 8 blocks from me to the hospital. But thanks to Kathleen, and all I got home. Thursday all should be paid, and I’ll be mobile again. Looking seriously at ETown as home, this adventure here on false claims by Cable-One and all has pretty much blew my wad. Idaho as sweet as it is has gotten just too expensive for anyone to live in, so here I am. But only until the 1st of September. Alrighty then:

Was reading some post that George and Wendy put up on Fakebook, about the jargon truckers use, and it was from some site that was of car people. I could nearly see it was a subject that I was barking on the other day. To all these Millinieals CB and or truckin Jargon, is beyond their capacity, even for the few that understand, don’t have a complete grip on that two way noise we used back in the day and still many of us do today. Two things grabbed me on the article. One; was it was obvious that the article was gleaned from me, and our site here. They might not admit it, but many read it. Two the source(which is me) should be compensated for the content. All too much on Fakebook, which many in all too many spaces, from financial to regulatory, don’t see Fakebook lasting longer than maybe 8 years if that. Many in the cyber arena see it going the way of the old MySpace. But you can always tell when something smells, when folks who have never spent serious time in either seat of a truck, try to talk trucking. It’s kind of like hearing some body sing or write a conutry music song that’s never been to a honky tonk, cheated or been cheated on, or spent time on a farm. They just don’t have that seat of the pants knowledge that someone that’s done it. Same goes for us Toew Bro’s I always know those who are just steering wheel holders and those that have worked real serious recovery jobs, not just hauling cars and trucks on a flat bed. Now then too, have been catching flak from some bikie people. I would love to show more pics of our rides, but those pics got destroyed in the relocation project from Wyoming to Idaho here a year and 4 months ago. Once I get some more done, I’ll be happy to show them. There was a lot I lost from there. PoohBear caught hell there, for some reason, I was okay. Had I stayed put, LexiBelle would still be okay, I wouldn’t be faced with a monthly car payment and my mini truck would be okay. But hey we all make mistakes. For now here is where I am. I don’t give up easy if I give up at all. And despite those that love to throw crap in my face. Not that Etown was no sweet place flowing with milk and honey, but I got along, plus I got tow runs that kept my butt out of crap and never had to worry much. Sure I got into messes but with not only financial help, but with counseling from Mark my Bishop there, I was able to keep what small bit of sanity I still have. But I’m getting off point here. There are truckers, toewers and wanna bee’s you can only pitty the wanna bee’s as they have no sense. But if people are going to use my words and articles, its time for ya’ll to pony up.

Good numbers to ya’ll catch ya’ll on the bounce around.

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