We did it before it was cool to do it,

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Before I get started on this rant and topic, I want to clear something up. KTOW, And Highway Hooker, HazzardAyre and all our radio family is not dead. I made a terrible shot in my foot decision that backfired. Moving at the time from Wendell, Idaho and more over a year ago from Evanston Wyoming. We are just regrouping and planning on relaunching our station and network. It will be better, sound quality and so on. We are quiet right now, but come March 2019 we’l be on in full force with a complete staff, and programming, so just don’t panic we are still very much alive and just as potent. With that said, let me shed some light on a subject. Long before it was fashionable and the best alternative to going over the air with the restrictions and limitations dealing with the FCC and other government agencies, we saw real potential in what is called Podcasting. We call it webcasting. At our start on the webcasting path there were very few online radio stations. One was called WolfFM.com cropped-logo (1) The guy who created that was a canine friend who is blind, in a wheel chair living on a third floor apartment in Nashville. His operation was so good it had to be enhanced. We thought if this guy can do it with his physical challenges why can’t we? However back in 2002 there were few website or anyone in the field that could give us a game plan and instruction book. So we had to do it on our own. We continued to operate over the air, until I stumbled upon who did Steve Wolf’s WolfFM. I made a phone call, to an outfit that for the most part went out of business. But until late 2006 was our program and network carrier. AyreWolFM thrived. Until 2009 when we took our first nose dive. In 2012 we had no direction of how to get back online, remember we are toew jocks not computer geeks. In mid 2013 as it is now we were at the virtual big fire season. We were flying 18 hour days doing fire suppression. There was a short window to file papers for a lpfm. We missed that deadline, but because of what we were doing on fire lines, and some barking through one of our states legislative friends we got filed, but there was the trouble of the online part. So I put in an ad on Craigslist, a biker friend found the ad and responded, and turned me onto an outfit called Livestream.com/hazzardayre we were again for 3 to 4 hours a day free online radio. Problem was back then the bandwidth and the internet horsepower we needed wasn’t here. So I and the station moved to Ogden, and subsequently moved to WoodsCross Utah in a third floor plush office space, that also had I4 Solutions  as a part of it. That meant mucho tech geeks to ask questions of and get tech help from. Then one late night the MC , and toew Bro’s met there and was tipping a few barley pops, when I saw a posting that old KEVA in Evanston Wyoming had gone dark. So I moved there. Lived in a hell trailer until I found the Wentworth there and eventually moved there. With the aid of the LDS Church, my Bishop Mark there and all both the AM 1240 as now KSOA, and of course, KTOW was relocated there. One we did from Wyoming, to Buhl Idaho where it was aired and KSOA Live, in ETown. I guess what I’m trying to get into here is that as I said here earlier, Pod(Web) Casting was and is our platform, and foundation. Up until a month ago we were at least on air 4 nights out of the week. I wanted to do more, but delays, messed up billing with CenturyLink, Lies by Cable-One it just wasn’t possible. So we reluctantly had to hire outside of the Club. So we hired Angel and ya’ll know the rest on that. However that’s not all of it. Had a few small business’s coughed up the $100.00 a month to run ads on our station, plus had we had some place better in town to run the station from that was affordable, I wouldn’t be sitting in Jerome Idaho, having my car repoed and me just today having a cardiac episode. So why do I keep at it? Simple the needs and views of us who truck, toew, fly and believe in the spirit and heritage of Dixie, needs to be on air. Our mission is simple, to activate , stimulate, and educate the unknowing. Both military air and Dixie needs to have its history to be told. However it goes much deeper. Putting up a page or group on Fakebook only preaches to the choir. We need to be howling at the entire congregation. Not only us in the business but to all who get in a car or small truck, turn the ignition, but turn off their brains. In today’s society, people are tuning in less on over the air radio, and turning on and tuning in on the phones, Ipods, Ipads, and satellite radio. This is where we need to be and what we are working towards.  In our view, take what’s great that makes over the air good and move it online. OwowCleaveland.com is the business model of sorts. But we can do better. It’s time. So while we are currently quiet this is our destination. We were and are online radio, before online radio was cool. 

Stay Tuned.


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