Telemarketers are out in droves as overseas nations collapse, Indian people from Bangladesh to Africa are out to steal from you , don’t let em.

I hope you all are reading this, and not just tossing it aside. If you sign up for a property search with Zillow your going to get your contact information scattered to every dang telemarketing center and destination on the planet. Many of these headquartered in India and Africa amongst other. If you get one call, feel lucky, more than likely you will get calls from hundreds, and no matter how many times you tell the swammy and or Hadgji to  FO, they keep at it. Of course this is not the only ones. You also for no additional effort get calls from people at the IRS, these calls are not from the IRS. Don’t give out any information, not even a little bit. Once you do you’ll get into so much deep manure you’ll need Perry Mason to dig you out. Now its not that I’m not sympathetic as to the core of the problem. All of these countries are under some serious poison, from war, pestilence, plundering, dictatorship , drought , and more. They need the USA’s , and YOUR help, but this is not the way to get it. Ripping of American’s is so underhanded that it put’s Boss Hogg to shame. So here’s a few of the phone numbers to watch for: 248-555-8873 ,607-331-6490, 307-682-4994, That’s just a few; there are ones that have a Unavailable, as well as a 202, area code. These are not good numbers to be answering. 

Okay, found a few places out in Etown, one is a Condo, another is a place I used to live in, and one on top of a mountain. Thing is once Southern Stallion is paid for, I’m out of here. Now just need to map this out. That means WolfFM The Wolf, as well as KSOA could be back on the air sooner than later. Or way before March. Once I’m outta here with everything, I wont be coming back, this area is a sore place for everyday workers. With rental rates at the current level only Billionaires will be able to live here, and most of those making decisions will live either in Boise or Sun Valley. Not Twin Falls, Jerome and damn well not Wendell. Time to move Hazzard from Idaho to Wyoming. 

As I sat here all day with no wheels, needing milk and stuff to make meals, praying Kathleen would be available I though on something a few of the staff at the hospital said yesterday. Here are medical pro providers telling someone who just got hauled in there by ambulance, that to go fetch food, and all to walk. Hmm, Walmart is 2 miles from my home, Riddley’s is a mile, which are the only two that accept, a Federal grub card, yet I get to starve for a day and a half, because some greedy folks in dear sweet Wendell couldn’t wait for 4 days to the 1st of the month, even then, they didn’t even have the right phone number to get in touch with me regarding the situation. The only good thing that’s happened living here is that I have lost 10 pounds, Just need to loose 50 more then I can get my GA back and get back into the air, not just on the air. 

Stay Tuned.

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