Can our nation grow up or at least wake up?

Can our nation please wake up or at least grow up? Lets go beyond the unintelligent mindset of the 39 and younger Millinials. Let’s advance into the grey in our heads and silver aged knowledge of those of us who not only grew up in the time before all things online and did things as simple as read books, and watched TV. Patriotism? Really? Where. Going up to someone who gave it their all or at least serve in military circles, don’t want to hear, Thanks for our service, how about thanks for the service we gave to them to keep this nation free of Talaban and other middle eastern foes. Not to mention Orientals in several wars. Sure I get pissed when I see people bowing or kneeling at the sight of the American flag, I also am even more over I get even madder when I see people not honoring our Confederate flag, tearing up Confederate monuments, dishonoring those that served there. While not staying tied to the past as one of my beloved associates tells me is important, I’m also reminded that there’s an old saying that is proven time and again, To not learn from history, one is bound to repeat it. Stay Tuned


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