Fighting with FakeBook is like wrestling with a pig in the mud

Fighting with FakeBook, is like fighting wrestling with a pig in the mud. You start to get the idea, that the pig loves the fight. Such as I have been doing with FakeBook all evening. Some how the idiots at FakeBook, have deemed PhooteNotes as a political activists group. Really/ Guess in some ways we do howl about the Government a bit stepping on the rights of others. Find this similar to Yankees fighting with our Confederate ancestors. With that said let’s talk about this: 

2fbddd251ea86c39a65170c5270bb1b9 Just about every day or evening when I prowl Fakebook, I see several ladies on there all alone saying how many guys have messed them up, and why can’t they find guys that will give them what they need, mainly to mandate that all men get Pussy whipped and just worship them. This is fine, I suppose since fidelity and loyalty in a relationship is a absolute, on both sides or both genders of a he/she union. But why are all these women so alone. Now granted there are all kinds of guys who are very seriously assholes to women. Question becomes why? Women no matter how much they yap, still want and need to be treated like women. Women require constant affection, pampering, and tedious caressing They need to be made queen. However it is my belief that being a queen does not mean ruler. A man does not require nor tollerate too long being smothered. Hence the invention of the Man cave. Most men are meant to feel our ideas, our needs, even our emotions are ignored. We are meant to feel like the beast of burden. As long as we go sweat, and bust our knuckles to the bone, bring home a healthy paycheck we are worth keeping. What about that? So why are there all these love hungry women on Fakebook all alone on a Saturday night? I say its because they choose to be. It’s not that there are not other places for them to socialize. Not just bars and such, but what about schools? Commerce organizations, like Chambers-of-Commerce, meetings. What about Church? There are hundreds if not thousands of men looking for a serious commitment to a woman, Yet we get cut out of the herd. It’s not hard to find love, you just got to get off your butt, away from that social site, and out to the real world. Face it, there may come a day, and its all too coming very quickly that there will not be a MySpace or for that matter FakeBook. Then what?

me too

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