I’d rather stay anti-establishment or at least brick and mortar.

cropped-toew-screen.jpgrode noise

As I head to bed and get ready to greet another Sunday, this week is better than last because? I have Mini Stallion 0716081855 in my hands. That said, I’m not very satisfied any more with Fakebook. Seems they are on one of their usual crusades against the WolfPack or even the Knytes. Ever since Fakebook got called on the carpet over allowing Russian propoganda to be be placed on Fakebook, Zuckerburg has been making all kinds of changes to better screen those who would bitch about the USA. But this goes even deeer. FakeBook is loosing shit, Fakebook is bleeding money. Since I put a stop to all ad placement of ads on Fakebook, and pulled my credit card number and all that, Fakebook is saying ya gotta pay, I said, AYRE FINGER , got a refund of sorts and will, not place ads on Fakebook any more. As such any page or group on Fakebook that they consider anything in the realm of politics they need several means of ID, which would be okay, shit I’ll show em my DL, thing is my old flip phone camera does not take a large enough pic size of the 1500 X 1000 that at least looks good enough for them so what do you do? It’d be grand if you could just go show em. Same goes for a multitude of big Wall Street fancy big companies. From FakeBook, to CenturyLink, to Cable-One, to even (dig this) DirecTV.  if there was a human involved. Artificial Intelligence goes just so far, if your algorythums don’t jive your in deep manure. At least the LDS Church get’s it on the dot. But if you go past that if you get into a situation where you might even get lucky to talk to a human, having one that speaks American English is a plus, and that is rare. Because of the high costs of corporate finances at least in our nation these big companies house their customer call centers in nations with a low degree of regulations and taxes. Trying to tell someone in Brazil or India where the hell Jerome Idaho is, much less as it is with Fakebook that my address even though it was once a business address,  Also has one big home and the other (where I am currently) a basement apartment. They say nope that’s a business. I say get off your ass, away from behind the computer screen away from that cubical, and come take a fracking look. Such locations as mine requires that there is a human who goes and looks. Such is my environment, but I say its still why even after what now 44 years with a membership base of 300,000 made up of the main organization known as the Iron Knytes Association and our subsidiaries the WolfPack(aka the AyreWolvez Aviation Association), The Toew Bro’s Association(aka the Hazzard County Towing Operators Association)and the Deere Dazzlerz Association a John Deere restoration and collectors organization. Tis is only part of it, KTOW FM , HazzardAyre Radio, Maximum Overdrive Radio, AyreWolfFM, Southern Steele Radio, and of course SAMCRO MC Radio, is all under the same roof. Even with all that , while obviously we use Computers and all, still we still do most if not all of our business, by a handshake, up close and personal, in person. Not by cold sales calls and people all over the World, we are here where our listeners and advertisers are, not extreme distances. While the FCC amongst others, made a regulatory decision last year about this time of shoving away from the requirement of having a radio station’s studios in the same place as the transmitter and tower. That’s fine for some, but I’ll be Farmer Brown if the Knytes or any part of us does the business that impersonally . We will stay with the idea, of being where our members are. It’s called Brick and Mortar. It’s called serving your constituents where they are, not making them call some foreign nation’s call center. Because of that as long as I carry the patch of a real MC, on my cut, as well as the ink on my back of SAMCRO MC as its worldwide Vice President, what we are will remain: Anti Establishment . In the writings of Emma Goldman, we still will remain Anarchists, and as we also say, with Anarchy comes order. Not confusion.

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