Knyte Fall PhooteNotes

cropped-toew-screen.jpgKnyte Fall PhooteNotes Then there is Chandra. It’s not at least on my end anything on the avenue of a he/she romantic thing, but she represents a concept that both the Knytes as well as the WolfPack has been attempting to bring together for at least the last 10 or so years. You see in our way of thinking and it is of course more a guy thing than a woman’s, but guys love women that look, hot. Once you bring them to attention you usually can sell them us guys that is, anything. But this goes much deeper. It started about midway in WW-I, aircraft military pilots would decorate their aircraft with pictures of women, usually very near nakedness 

So as those all in nylon hose, and so on we as a organization in all ares of the organization are military pilots either still active as 80% of our membership is right now and recently discharged assigned to civilian duty, we thought since some of these nose art beauties could be brought to real life, 

Why can’t we get, train and put on our ads etc these sweet looking ladies in the concept of the original pin up / nose art queens. Enter in Chandra

Chandra entered into our picture nearly a year ago, just as it was about to turn winter. When I met her she was still fighting with the law, and the law won, so wearing a GPS tracker, we met at the mall. For once here was someone that I never felt nervous about being around. However past that one meeting no real contact since. Then we set up a meet at the Depot Grill, she didn’t show even after multiple phone calls. Yet I still have not gave up on her, although we have at least one that has said yes. Her name is Kate, 

So with that, Kate has said yes. Mostly because she with supervision of course is the same person that’s going to apply my ink for the MC this is the image soa tat This image is going to be on my back till death, so yes damn straight I want to know the who that’s going to be doing it. In conversation’s Kate, just said she models and all and as such she’s in the model mix, but my stand out is always Chandra. Just wish I had a good photo of Chandra’s feet and toes. Later Aviators and Toew Op’s.

toew tail1

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