Sad but true the one way to get ignored by the Knytes is your failure to communicate with us. Oh and Today was a purrfect day

Knyte Fall PhooteNotes

The first and fastest way to get scrubbed off our incoming list of our teams is to flat ignore us, or your failure to communicate. Communication these days is not that difficult. Phone, Cell phone, SmartPhone, Email, or that dreaded Fakebook. we are all over those and many more. Saying you can’t in touch is bunk. Saying you have other things to do is the second. Considering that we pay twice what any and I do mean many beginning career opening does, from our on air talent, our poster pin up girl talent and so on, a starter wage of $20.00 to $40.00 an hour is better than ANY base wage you’ll find. You have better things to do? The food service and janitorial industries need you, and you should stay there, just don’t come whinning to us later on. Question I was asked earlier tonight was why Jerome Idaho? Answer I gave is the same reason Bruce Willis gives about Soldier Mountain Ski Resort, because he wanted to and likes it there,. Sure Evanston Wyoming does have a few advantages. Close to a metro area like Salt Lake City, 4,000 more people, and a Walmart that stays open around the clock. Jerome’s Walmart closes at midnight. It takes 3 hours or 6 hours round trip to Salt Lake City, but only an hour and a half to Boise. Weather is warmer here rather than the 50 below zero, that is usual in Etown Wyoming. Last our new home is a start and I’m staying here the Knytes also agree.

Okay then; had a purrfect day, got a good nights sleep, in peace, Had a good visit and all with daughter of the Knytes as well as Nurse GoodBody, heard a great sermon, and am starting to fit in here. Why couldn’t this have happened in Wendell? Why after so much being on the verge of eviction, starvation, and near death on three occassions couldn’t what we’re doing here now fit in? After all I was raised in the outback of Wendell, between Hazzard and Wendell? Why did I get fought? Is it as simple as Jerome being a bit more accepting of bikers, and rebels? Was it something else? I have no idea. But I’m finally content, my hair is even going back to some of its original color. Hannah is growing into a fine outstanding young lady. She is beginning to take on some of her mothers looks, and she has a humble but go get it attitude. She’ll do fine. Seems as Renew Coffee shop is looking at renaming the coffee blend called Peachy Keen, into The Dixie. How cool is that? Life is good. Looks like we just might get back on air by Christmas this year. Rather than the March 2019 date I thought it would take. The place we are moving into was left horrid, the urine smells and dung smells from 8 dogs, and all is really bad, but into the place we go, cleaning and all, hope I can employ the aid of our friend of Kathleen and family one more time. After all the sooner we get in there the faster the stuff including my truck and radio gear is here rather than at her place. Any mile, big day today, stay tuned.

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