And so with this we start a new chapter.


And so with this we start a new Chapter in our company and Organizations journey. Some once said, that to keep doing what your doing the same way you are doing it and expecting different results is just being an idiot. Some things we are keeping from our infamous toew smooch luv toews2 remaining loyal to the Confederacy,37365005_837626523103337_1797340974679064576_n but doing more on an level of less ass kissing and more butt kicking. Call it, SAMCRO MC meets the Dukes-of-Hazzard, and you have pretty much what we are all about. Rescuing stranded and disabled Harley, Indian and all bikes when they break down, or such is our priority. Sure Truck towing, is secondary no matter size or description of truck heavy or light duty, but chasing car and auto toews is not high on our list of fave toew jobs.13254625_1094758430546948_9066186825001606061_n Havent heard from our sweet Chandra, Chandra 1 in a spell, don’t know why she’s being reluctant, but we are in a serious deadline. Winter is coming, the photography needs to be done, so we can shine in either snow or sun. My Dad used to say, ” Time waits for no one”, we can’t keep waiting so the search for a Miss SAMCRO TOEW is on. Last night I did me some cypherin, and came up with what this facility and all that’s on the front burner is going to cost. The total came to just at $1200.00 a month, if we keep renting. So looking at getting things in line to buy the structure we are in. After all if we are going to renovate to bring this outfit up to code, might as well own it. With that said we need to make money this winter. So contracted with Jared over at A1 in Twin to go fetch LexiBelle, Although for the cost, I could damn near rent a shop short term, heal LexiBelle LexiBelleand drive her home on my own, even if I did need to go rent a U-Haul car dolly. Once LexiBelle and all is healed and the shop etc is ready to go, along with radio done by SAMCRO, means we will have to have our poster gal, be it Chandra Chandra 2 or Kate KATE8 or someone yet to be chosen, trained and ready to shoot photos. There is no more just doing long coffee meetings and fluffing around, its time to let the rubber meet the road. Yes I went over to A1 today, good ole Charlie 1899263_268326679996747_2074632750_owas on one today, barely said anything. I think him being all alone in a serious condition is effecting Big C more than he’d like to admit. I’m so very blessed that I have my PoohBear 35645527_246225439265036_8096436935519633408_n no my PoohBear isn’t going to win no beauty prize, but what she lacks in the superficial looks department, she makes up with unconditional love and loyalty to me and the MC. Yes PoohBear some times makes so dang blasted angry I could drive nails into wood, bare handed. Still at the end of the day, I love PoohBear to no end, I found a treasure in her, and in October she will become my mate. What we created today bringing all of our companies into two is monumental. Highway Hooker Toewing of Utah and Wyoming, and SAMCRO TOEWING of Idaho and the great mountain west, is us. Now just need to pull all the rest of the pack into two.  As I close, guess my bitchin to both Google and Fakebook is taking heed. As I saw Google’s mapping car was rolling around Twin Falls, maybe if Google and FakeBook would just roll over to Jerome, during the fair and all, maybe they could discover that my address here, in J-town, is both a residence and a Commercial/business address. Some days ya’ll just cain’t teach city folk, nothing.

So what brought all this on? As I sat in the shop mapping out the design and all, for what will be the rebirth of Hazzard County Choppers, I remembered that pull my boot straps up, butt kicker discussion I had with Kathleen, just before I unplugged from Wendell. She flat told me to ignore the hecklers, the past and allow God take over  the circumstances. I did and I can see a great future. I have four people that I take advice from, Who know what things are and how to make them work, Nurse GoodBody, is the first I go to, second in Big C, third, is Kathleen, and last but not least my PoohBear. Maybe number 5 should be and is our MC’s President Jonny. Betond that I don’t give a rats ass, if DILLIGAF, applies here. More later on Knyte Fall. 

cropped-our-bizz-card-draft.jpg toew tail1

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