Writing this with swelled arm so if I mis spell forgive me. And why can’t all be happy and just get a long on FakeBook?

samcro toew talk

So was here at the complex kicking back enjoying the night when at 02:30 I get a call. Some college gal messed her tiny car up at the fair needed a tow. So fetched the rollback, and retrieved the car. Just as I was unloading it had my arm resting on the flatbed, and crunch over my arm went the car. After uddering some profane words, off to the hospital we went. Sarah finished up the tow, Tommy took me to the ER. After radiology found nothing broken just seriously sprained, so with good meds, and my arm in a sling I am home now resting and as dopey as I was after my high school prom, and two bottles of EverClear. So been cruising FakeBook, Seems as every single comment or such that comes up on several of my mechanic type pages, you get 4 out of 10 comments that are so stupid. Or someone that wants to pick a fight. If it isn’t that someone has to put up some gal half naked to get a point across. I’d much enjoy more a few photo’s of a classic ride, don’t matter what it is car, rat rod, truck, bike or warbird. Show the photo, or if a gal is placed to enhance, get rid of the near naked butts. I do not want to look at the place where she poops from. That isn’t exciting, all that makes me want to do is hurl. Guess its being near hitched I suppose, but I have seen all too many models, cover girls, actress’s and all in my life, to know as nice as her behind looks it still stinks. And stinks like poop. Now her feet and toes are much different, feet and toes have a leathery, musky scent that’s pleasing. Not smelling like poop.  Question is: Why is it that people on FakeBook can’t just answer a new wrenchers question, or just get along and say that’s a cool pic, rather than pic it apart? Why downgrade a person’s lack of super modern technology? For that matter find fault just because they don’t have the latest stuff, or is a mechanic rather than a photog? To me when they say something like that to me I just say what it is some days like today, I’m in one of those moods. Maybe its that I don’t care much any more, as I look at it, I make $5,k a month, I have a place that’s costing me $2k a month. and tow trucks that make just under $7k a month, but I still have to pay expenses, which drops my total income down to just over $800.00 a month, and that doesn’t allow for a lot of un needed spending. Like buying a Smartphone or fancy camera phone. With the radio station still down, and the loss of right at $500.00 per hour as it is with still waiting for CenturyLink and all, I sit in my domicile, in pain, just about out of Sunny D, and Skoal, and can’t do a dang thing about it, plus I have a bigger house to clean, and still can’t prompt, Kathleen and family crew to come help clean. Meaning I’m going to need to do this myself. Are we having fun yet? More on my overnight speel.


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