Social web sites don’t like competition and if one of the sheep jump off the cliff the rest jump with it.

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Before I get into my main topic here I want to ask, does corporate America really if at all care about us as consumers? Example; with the Mayansmayans-mc-key-art coming on the 4th of September I began scrambling to find a pay TV provider. Started with DirecTV. DirecTV says I owe money, nope; the account was a business account, not business account. After near a week they cancelled the order. But not before swiping $1.00 from my checking account to run a credit check. So contacted Dish, after several attempts and now $3.00 for the credit pedigree out of my account finally talked with a nice lady who, could speak full 100% American English. The degree of unintelligence in this nation is mind numbing. So with that solved started working on the new station location right above me in the same structure. Which one social site says is a business address, part of it is the other is not. This social site needs to send out their hounds to sniff out the real information. Which leads me to two points tonight. First if one social site drops you, many of the rest seem to do the same. I want a ful definition to the words Hate Speech? If something is uddered about or involves someone of ethnic, or color its Hate Speech. According to these social sites. However if those same people does something towards or a thing is said about us white folk, its supposed to be all right. No it ain’t, to Government officials,  It’s okay to tear down the historic and ancestrial, monuments of our south and destroy or attempt to destroy our Dixie culture that’s okay. I have said many times, if the same thing happened in Yankeeville USA I can say for sure you’d hear the loudest screams and yapping ya’ll ever heard.

So then this guy named Alex Jones host and creator of InfoWars, get’s booted from FB, soon after YouTube, Twitter, Amazon and a half dozen others followed suit. Here’s my offer to Mr. Jones, you get your team to get in touch with us and for a very low price we’ll air your show. What’s happening to Mr. Jones is the same kind of thing that started this southern Confederate bashing. Some idiot white boy goes into a church guns down a bunch of colored folk and from media to Walmart to Hollywood, went everything southern, our flag one of 5 gets attacked. The attacking still has not stopped. The reason the Dukes-of-Hazzard was pulled from CMT, was that ye old General has our flag on its roof. If that was not the case the Dukes would still be on TV. Same goes for several old TV shows. The Beverly Hillbillies is an example, why? because good old Granny is a Confederate, and our flag was shown on many occasions on that TV series. Then discovered several times one of our fb pages says page no longer exists. Except same social site said update it. No social media site wants competition. The minute they discover your telling the truth about them bang your account gets throttled down if not frozen. By the way; Did you know that now if you post something on Twitter it no longer shows up on FB?  It’s sad one of God’s biggest commandments says to be honest and tell the truth. Yet in social media the real truth is too much for them to handle. See ya’ll Saturday morning.


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