When its UPS and Fedex get together it becomes, FedUp. Creating a new site for folks over 40, Called FakeBook.

Ordered the incredible ArcticAir Evaporative mini air conditioner. They say its supposed to be here a week ago. Looked up the shipping tracker, its in North Salt Lake, hell no, now its supposed to be here on the 15th. Are they going to tell me it takes that long to drive from North Salt Lake in 5 days. Shyt I could drive there in 3 hours and haul the things home myself. I’m always suspect of anything bought online, or through a As Seen On TV ad. So many scams out there and still with your butt, and credit card hanging out there you have no idea who has it, what they might do with your 411, Security breaches are all over the place. Who do you trust. Found after I ordered the thing its available at Home Depot. Supposedly Walmart sells it too except not our Jeromer Idaho Walmart. Even their manager had no idea what I was looking for. Guess she don’t watch overnight TV. So the wait is on.

There seems an incredible gap of social sites that are supposedly real, One is going down although it still is the biggest on Earth, yet stock ratings and all have plummetedto record lows. After the Russian election meltdown, and Facebook being in the middle of it followed by Twitter, its seems as the obvious is about to take place. What does that mean? Its predicted that Facebook will become like MySpace and up for grabs by some other conglomerate corporation. Its happened to MySpace, Yahoo, even Google which officially the Alphabet Corp. So why not enter; yes you got it, FakeBook,fakebook

A social website for the not so geeky, not so much for the 15 to say 35 crowd, but for those of us who are in our late 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s and older? With say a built search engine, as well as say a built in translator app. Allow all but target to those of us nearing our Geritol years, with content publishers looking for a new place to place content without censorship. This could be something.

Now to the answer to the question of why I’m up working at night rather than snoozing. The answer is not so complicated. First being a human wolf prowling is by nature at night, second the change from night to day sleep, came from entering the towing world. Used to be, 80% of my calls for vehicle rescue came at night, so I started sleeping days, and staying awake until about 4:00 AM, that’s 04:00 for you military folks out there. Then came my radio stint , my shows ran at night, so again day sleep. Now days its A; apartment is cooler at night, B: no distractions of phone calls and daily daytime activities, so I can write and research topics that are good for here in this publication, as well as on my radio shows. Used to be the same when Mac and I ran our shop in Hazzard. We could get more work done in the shop on tedious projects, from our engine and transmission builds, to body work and especially painting. Back then Imron was about the only acrylic paint. That had to be spread on at night or when it was cooler, without humidity. So that’s what we did. 

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