It was finally a Friday, plus I learned don’t trust an all too perfect face.

samcro toew talk

Friday was fun. Woke up to view the news and views of our congregation, when I see PM on yep FB from that Katie over at that tatt shop. Saying she did not like that we displayed her face, pic, and flat did not want to work a 1%er MC. So okay that put me in a swell mood. But hey the day got better. Shortly after I meandered over to the MVM, in Twin Falls, to stay cool, plus craved a Orange Julliuss so after 3 of those at $4.00 a pop, decided before I ran out of Skoal money best quit. So concerned about what that Katie had done, I texted our original and should have stayed Miss MC, Chandra, and said I really needed to see her. Come to find out she was down here anyway. Set up a meet at the new place, and she’s still on board. So came home yanked all of that Katie’s BS and all off our files, and canceled the ink gig. Piss on em, using someone to front or tease customers, only to have it when someone calls their bluff say she really wasn’t serious, I thought fine loose at minimum of 1000, customers paying $1,000.00 a piece. That’s $100,000.00 she just cost her boss. Maybe ole Vince ought to choose a better technique to gain customers than having a female fronter. Some might say we do the same. Not really , yes our poster girls and that is to give some eye candy enhancement to what we do here. Plus the on air talent means being on air, no matter the gender. In resturaunts , bars etc, sure flirting means getting tips. And yes some Paul Bunyan types can get grabby, there is an in between, but when someone agrees to do something, and she gives you her cell number, and asks to befriend you on that confounded FB, then says no. I have no sympathy. Let’s see how modeling jobs she get’s now. Maybe her so called agent and all might want to suggest, that if she’s booking gigs, that they contact her agent first. That’s usually how it gets done. What did I loose? $60.00 , but past that, nothing. Guess I and the 1,000 members here in Idaho of the Knytes, can get our ink elsewhere. So how was your Day? 

SAMCRO BLOG SIG1shoulder patch tatt 2

Here’s my two favorite pics of our Miss MC, oh and yes I do have permission.

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