If Monday is such a drag, and Friday is the start of the weekend why not just go to work on 3 days of the week, do the rest of our office tasks online, at home?

Before I get started here, just wanted to say thanks to Jana and team at CenturyLink, and Hope, and looking forward to a long relationship there, lets just get the 20/20 side hooked up so I can get back on air.

I have been reading in many places today about how most folks that is not in a technical work flow, dread Monday’s. Its all about how bad they hate to wake up. Just in the same lane, is the fact that many yearn for Friday and would just assoon hit the bars and watch the Hollywood stars a day early and have a consistent 3 day holiday. So why not do Monday’s and Friday’s online on the telecommute program ? I was reading an article in Men’s Health Magazine, about three younger tech affiliated men who do 80% of their work, in a home office. Which is not a bad thing. They set their own hours, set their own speed on tasks and as long as the tasks are completed , they’re the commanders of their own destiny. It really makes it work well. They created their own home office and as long as that room is seperate from all other rooms, there are tax benefits in creating such so makes sense. At least the pair of gents get to have Monday’s and Friday’s off. 

Now there are some things you can’t completely do at home. While in ancient USA you could run a service garage and all from home, However as I learned in Wendell, Zoning laws and such don’t allow such things. Yet even that is still possible, however that said a high vehicle and People volume can make otherwise tame city government types nervous. 

Well got the good and bad news, from the Landlord today all is good if we can cough up $1,000.00 by Tuesday next week, if not got the downstairs to drop. Was hoping that our MC Princess Chandra would have drifted in here today or some time this week, if she does and wants the downstairs apartment then we need some green from her, as our cash stash is near bare. Then went out to our local Walmart, which everyone was so chipper. Guess that day shift here at our Jerome Idaho Walmart is not so friendly. From what I gather from an insider there that we have made friends of, the management and the CSM’s are real bitches. Do you know if you swipe something from Walmart, the policy is they can’t pursue you? Even the greeters, can’t make you put stuff back, or detain you if you can’t show a receipt?It’s a far different Walmart than what old Sam Walton had in mind. 

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