cropped-samcro-gazzette-cover-1.jpg In mid day news from SAMCRO Toew. It is with pride and admiration that Chandra Ortiz has been reinstated as Miss SAMCRO TOEW 2018/2019. We averted a and have a short reprieve from our Landlords until a week from Thursday. At which time as it is predicted at this time, MC leaders will be rolling up to assess and put funding in place to rent for a year this place we are in, here in Jerome, as well as in two years outright buy it. I know that it was and its not just me of course, but my praying and reading scripture until 06:00 hours this morning that got us a hold off from getting our butts booted, until the powers that be can deal with the situation. With the MC leaders rolling up next week you can bet your next oil change that there will be a party. Just wish I could gather together some party girls for the one of the MC that aren’t hitched. The being up all night might have something to do with when Kathleen showed up today, EARLY why I was near dead to the world. When 07:00 Hours rolled around I was skimming the outer rim of the galaxy, in real REM sleep. One thing I have noticed and I think Chandra saw it the other night when she rolled in, was not only my hair slowly going back to some of its original chestnut brown that it was at birth and younger. She said I seemed rather more relaxed and reduced stress than a year ago. Two reasons for that. One the intrum counseling sessions with Kathleen, and of course the introduction of dOTerra , but I listen to her cite gospel, and things that I can relate to as well as comprehend to grasp onto. The second reason I am doing a lot better is I’m not under a stress press on making sure the radio gig is out on time, trying to gather together a on air as well as a poster girl promo crew, as well as not wondering where I’m putting my head at night. If crap goes poop here, its put all in storage, grab cash out of the low level stash and head for south western Wyoming, and gradually ascend back to prior levels there. Not too mention there’s two younger ladies there that have offered me their couch and shower should I need it. As for PoohBear and I still plan on getting hitched to her, but the wedding has been put off until February, in Layton Utah. Details this evening. Reason for the postponement? Simple , money. Even if I wanted to get hitched to PoohBear right now which I do, I just can’t afford to. There’s other reasons, the major one, is simple, in theory but seems PoohBear does not want to go there, and that is, being Temple Worthy. As I have told her numerous times, this romantic union is the last for me. I want this one to not only be solid on Earth, but solid Eternally. And Eternal, it will be. My emotions just can’t handle the ups and downs of date today gone tomarrow. Plus the finances need to be much more solid, she needs to get her stuff from SSA and all seperated from her mothers, and her own account established. Tell her damn Brother, that he needs to cough up the $350.00 he owes me and PoohBear, or he ain’t coming to the reception. The 1st $200.00 he and her mother swiped, is what blew PoohBear and me apart in Evanston, that eventually brought me here to western high priced Idaho. If he hadn’t with-held PoohBears money together her and I could have paid for the shop, I could have stayed there, ran a full toew season, and been $25k richer. Plus the shop by now would have been generating money. Nope, so here I am. Behind the 8-Ball, and busting my butt, and stepping on my pride, asking all that I know for money to save what I and we as a MC have here. The place for us is really ideal, MC office, Radio studio, MC shop, bigger studio office for both the TV as well as radio station that we plan on running over the air, as well as being able to re-establish, Knytes Hall. Thing is and I know that not many if any of ya’ll have $1,800.00 in your pockets. But if 18 of us rake out $100.00 to say $300.00 a piece, hey that pays the bill for now. More details overnight. But that’s what happening here. 


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