Teasers and trollers,Those that show true colors and those just in it for a ride.

Knytes Chronicles One of the true ways members or those aspiring to be involved with the Knytes, is digging in a wallet once in awhile when crap hits the fan. Even those that in part caused the malady, that created the circumstances to begin with. Example what looked like water in an Oasis on a dry desert is smelling again like a mirage. Not insurmountable but a malady. Met with the Landlord of this complex today, right now we are $400.00 short between what is due in a week from now and what should be okay to be held until September 1st. Let me tell you this then I’ll shed light on the current situation. Back in 2008 I arrived in Gooding Idaho, after another Landlord went belly up in Glenn’s Ferry. Originally I had planned to go to Boise then when rentals were a far more affordable. Any mile there I was in Gooding. My cousin and main bean counter, Bud; said can’t live there in Gooding, he found housing in Bliss, with that contracted with another asshole named Richard Strickland. No being near freshly discharged and all it was taking time to get my military benefits, pension and all that straightened around. So there was a mismatch of money transfers, and then LexiBelle took sick, needed a carb and fuel lines redone, which were done half assd . The bill came to a tad over $700.00 . Our then just hired sweetheart Erin said can I help as she saw my stress and near mental collapse. I said, not unless you have $700.00 in a magic hat somewhere. Now in most cases a employer does not ask financial help from the employee, especially one that had only been there on the job for not hardly a month. But shazzam, out came her Checkbook, she wrote me a check and LexiBelleLexiBelle was out of bondage. After that many other things went much smoother. Figuring the Post Office would have found the missing mail including two months of my and Club’s earnings. But nope, Strickland waited for us to go to dinner, he had the  locks changed and my equipment much more than I have now, locked up and never  was able to be recovered, including a sound library worth a few hundred thousand. Okay then fast forward to the end of May last year. With at the time, PoohBear and I broken up, earnings near zero, due to a severe winter that had even LexiBelle snowed in, nasty landlord shows up, wants the $750.00 for the shop. So moved LexiBelle and Mini Lexi to Ricks place. and zeroed in on the radio bit. Middle part of May last year saw an ad for a 3 bedroom house in Wendell, $550.00 he said, sounds good. Powr bill is usually $80.00 (really?) So then PoohBear calls and texts, saying she’s the only one for me. I said, tell you what start sending me $600.00 a month to help cover the costs, I’ll move to Wendell, since she thought people in Evanston Wyoming did not like her. Now understand with the move Mini Lexi, my old Dodge, and some help from our LDS Ward there and I moved, leaving LexiBelle in Wyoming. All she needed was the secondary fuel tank replaced and replumbed. Only that I missed an entire tow season, which could easily put an extra $10k in my pocket right now. But PoohBear has helped in the $600.00 a month situation, yet if she had just stayed put and we work things out with her SSA money, as well as between her and I and Evanston, this entire year of a gall blamed year and near two would not have been. In Evanston I had rent control, in a nice apartment, with Rick and I working together. But because I love my PoohBear I moved to make her happy, only to face as I nearly am now homelessness. Now then there is in Utah and Wyoming, Consumer Protection Commissions. Those CPC’s prevents the ever increasing rents and un needed financial crowding. The CPC’s in Wyoming and Utah, prevents unusual spikes in rent and forcing people out of their homes, especially those on Military or otherwise retired fixed incomes. But here I am, no bitching over spilled milk. So why did I move here to Jerome in the first place? Saw an office here for $600.00 a month so they said. Apartment for $500.00 including utilities so they said. With Angel amongst a few others saying once its in a professional business like structure they’d come on board. I had two choices Try an hold onto the house in Wendell, try to pay the $600.00 for this office, and the $650.00 work on my rides outside, and do the radio gig. Look many of you have said the radio thing keeps holding things back. Understand I’m not the only one who things that a full online all the time LIVE radio station is not such a bad thing or a unprofitable one. There’s a station in Ohio, called owowcleavland.com . The guy who created that found no FCC licenses available, so went the online direction. And I don’t think they are looking back. Now lets figure that we as is planned put together an all online 24/7/365 radio station with two people in studio at all time both male and female, doing radical, rebel, off the wall uncensored radio playing seriously hot music, of all kinds. Charge the advertisers a standing rate of $200.00 a month, flat with no extra airings fees they pay $200.00 a month we air the ad as many times over that month as we can. Instead of like other stations doing a every time the ad is aired charging for each airing, usually $10.00 to $80.00 a play or airing of the ad. That ads up for small retailers and small business owners. Think of it this way; $200.00 multiplied by say even 10 advertisers or sponsors there’s our $2,000.00 a month. with a bit left over. As we get more popular, more people look to being advertisers, and the sky is the limit for what we can make as well as for the people here of the radio gig, who help them sell the ads. If it were not for that, I’d sell this radio stuff of mine, take my car, my mini truck, go to Evanston Wyoming, find a decent place to live, and forget about radio or broadcasting and just tow, and build Harley’s. Likewise if I can’t save this station, and where I live right now there might not even be a PoohBear and me. Because I can’t afford her and me together at the same time. So if all these people that signed on board, Angel who wanted something for near nothing, that caused this move to Jerome to begin with, all these younger honey’s that have always said they wanted to be here with and for us, wants this plant to bloom, best furtilize it with some cash for the stash. 

I’m headed to bed, cause I’m dead.

cropped-214-pic.jpg shoulder patch tatt 2

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