There isn’t any or very damn few more rabbits.

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There isn’t any or very damn few more rabbits, to be pulled out of the hat. Every day from our SAMCRO TOEW Princess Chandra, to my Landlords to many of you as general membership of the Club(s), expect me to magically pull lucky blessed rabbits out of a mysticle top hat, with a miracle. Problem is,of those few rabbits left, even they have each hair numbered. There again I say, crooks out there. They post rentals online and in print. Great place they say,  I found that in my last Landlord and the ones although not so much , But still  me being the renter. Last year ago May I saw an ad for a bar , cafe, small shop in all places Richfield Idaho. This would have been ideal. But circumstances led me to Wendell. I wish now I had never saw the second ad. But saw some promise. So with some struggle, and PoohBear’s support I moved to Wendell Idaho. Now here’s where it gets somewhat sticky. Once I got to Wendell, I thought I’d have at least 6 months leed time, between arriving , setting up the infrastructure then searching out talent, and all of that for the radio gig. Nope. Here came Mylinda, nice gal, dug her hubby, all was progressing, except for me it was way to fast. We got many applicants, many said it was the distance to drive from Twin Falls, to Wendell for production meetings, So they declined. Of course many others that could have, then and we did have some cash in the stash for it, was herded away by Mrs. you know who.  One named Marie said she had just the perfect person, and in many ways she is, in came Chandra. I had thought we had a crew. But then got way over my head no income, which in my way of thinking was too much way tooo late. In fact I had a thing worked out with this older lady in Hollister Idaho. For $200.00 a month, had a bed, pot to pee in and a shower. No utilities. Which meant all the rest of my cash and that of the MC could have been applied to a studio office in Twin Falls. Of course in many ways that would have meant PoohBear would no longer have control over me, and that lost control scared her, so, I through a big fuss scrubbed Hollister. But it was one evening that I was to go over a game plan with Chandra in Twin Falls at the Depot Grill. She had a Sobriety meeting to go to then be at the Depot Grill. She didn’t. Went out partied with friends, got her but in it, went to the grey bar motel. And spent a year there, more on that in a few here. If Marie, Chandra and others work for all these eating places, why don’t they hit up their boss’s and or owners of those eating establishments, and say hey I know of a way to increase sales. Why not buy 6 months or even 12 months of low cost discount advertising from this Military Vets, MC’s radio station? At $100.00 a month. Here’s where to find it online, here’s their website, etc. Nope. Yet these same young ladies when one had taken up residency courtesy of the Department of corrections in Arizona, calls me up for support. We tried, but had no way to get it to her at the time, but we also did some arm twisting as well. When last December Marie finally came over, showing off her plumage I got a call from her requesting a fast loan of $150.00. If she had gotten the people she worked for at the time to cough up say 6 months worth of ad time on our station, or in support of the club, I might have been a bit more ambitious to look into that loan. But to keep asking me for things, yet not coming back with an ad client or financial support for us in return is a unsustainable situation. Then there was the bar in Wendell. The fuss there was over us maybe taking over a slightly elevated pub there. One of my neighbors there was gung ho, on renting the place so she did all she could to push us out of the neighborhood. So showed up several times the law saying I did something hinky with some damn kid. With that door open, The Heathen family next door to me made similar gestures. Which meant we never progressed. Here’s an idea, for all those and I even said it then, cough up money to move, or support the radio network, and it might be your family member being employed with us. Nope, but now that we are on life support, how about a few of those so Holier than Thou’s over there ponying up a few hundred bucks for the pain they helped cause. Not too mention financial loss’s. 

Now there may be some of you, that say , well hey you got help from the Church, much help over 6 years. But here’s the difference. At least in Evanston, if you got help from Mark our Bishop there from the church, you at least had to come on Saturday’s, and help clean the Church. In essence you had to do something for that aid. If not, Mark wasn’t as open minded in helping you the next time. The bottom line is simply this, there’s two and a half weeks or so. If Chandra, Marie, and others want to be part of our media enhancement crew, and wish our gig to stay here in Western Idaho, some cash for the stash is needed NOW. Likewise, from the Wendell Idaho 1st Ward, from some of those that thumbed up their nose at us, mainly me. If not, come mid to early month, September, things go back into storage. I relocate to Wyoming, and let SAMCRO dissolve this Idaho charter and break it up and assign it to Indian Springs Nevada, Jackson Whole Wyoming, Evanston Wyoming, Coalville Utah, and transplant the radio gig back in Wyoming. But here’s the final, except for one person and her beloved family just outside Wendell, if the rest of these people and all want a crumb or a bit more out of the $187,million once the dust clears of the Montgomery Foundation that is 70% of the support of our SAMCRO MC, then they need to step up. Even God said it as well as Jesus Christ, when he said that , that on Judgement day, we’re going to stand in front of him, and he’s going to remind us of the fact that when he called to us, we did not hear, he’s going to say, now I see and hear you now not. While charity is very important to God, and I do as much as I can and so does the MC, but unlike God, our Charity ends when resources dry up. 

There just is no more or damn few any more rabbits left in the hat, the pond has pretty near been fished out. 


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