As someone told me earlier today, I’m overdue for a serious SJ. And can’t anyone do as they say they are going to do?

samcro gazzette site cover1KNYTECYDE

Was out with one of the Reaper Crew today attempting to find hidden money from people that owe us, and Rod say, ” Your in more need of a serious SJ than anyone I know of” of which I agree. Do you realize that its been nearly 20 years since I have been up close and steamy with a lady? Nadeen was the last honey that I got close to, and she had CP, found her from the ancient, postings on MySpace, the go to social site, back then. I bet her $100.00 that she did not have the courage nor guts to venture out to Layton Utah where I was at, at the time to see me. However guess she wanted me really bad. The term BJ, is way over used. Plus its not accurate. As there is no blowing involved. Its all consumption or sucking. So why not just call it what it is? An SJ?. Then came our illustrious Miss SAMCRO TOEW , who had said she’d be by this afternoon, to go over deets for the apartment here in Jerome. The tiny apartment, is really nice if you don’t have a lot of stuff, or are all alone. The only reason I opted for the place upstairs is the radio gear and PoohBear. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have taken on the debt load of the bigger space. But I have until next Thursday, so we see what happens. Finally if your trying to get in touch with me by Cell, don’t after Friday, don’t think it’ll be working until just after the first. However my landline at 208-324-3816 does work. So I’m reachable that way. 

On the subject of our Miss Samcro Toew, just like the talent interviews and so on. If you don’t want the gig, or its too much or whatever reason your just not that into it, a simple text, call, email, etc saying, I don’t think so is enough. Yea it’ll sting me and the Club, but at least that way we know what we are dealing with. When people just put us on a long condition of hold or limbo status, I dislike that. As it prevents me and or the Club, from going out looking for funding. As we are waiting for you, this means or costs me, right at $50.00 to $80.00 per hour. There is this so called rule in talent and or such carrers that says you don’t charge a %ge of wages or interview/ booking fees. Bullsbreath. The only way you learn if someone is seriously interested in you, your project and your organization is if they want to spend $’s on you, your project etc. If not they are not that dedicated. Do ya’ll realize, my PoohBear, every month  rakes out $600.00 out of her meager SSA money, and gets it to us by the first week or so of the month. Part of that is repayment to the Knytes to cover her medical bills in Wyoming that the Club paid on her behalf, as well as the loss of the shop there. But she hangs in there. She’s correcting a wrong. Every Prospect member pays at least $400.00 a month or so, unless they are providing some other serious service for the Club that generates money. After awhile, if you don’t prove out on your promises, putting forward money, or keeping breefing meetings which still costs prospects $250.00 per meeting, after awhile you are forgotten. We just don’t have time to baby sit. 

Getting back into as well as on the air, next time right here.

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