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Way early this morning, I took a gander at Church news from the Deseret News out of Utah. In it, there was a proclamation that said that we should all as Church members, abolish the use of the words LDS and Mormon. I thought say what? I can understand dumping the LDS thing, as the letters can be twisted around and made into LSD, which I did several years ago, when I had a T shirt uddering the words in one of the Star Trek trilogy movies where Kirk said that Spock had way too much LDS in the 60’s. Seemed right on too me. But to wipe away the word Mormon from our denominations phraseology, to me is another swipe at Church heritage, by people that should not really be in charge of the Church, no matter how well intentioned or supposedly inspired. What are you going to call the Book of Mormon, the book of the church of ah you know? I’m sure President Nelson, and all had a good thought there, but its very apparent to me that there are two out of three of the people in the command seats that flat have no real reason to be there. Dallin Oaks is the only one I think has a steady hand on the stick right now as far as Church leaders, but not the one who should be holding the wheel. When President Monson, dropped dead, it left a wide gap. I even thought the church loosing direction after President Hinkley bought the sand. At least Gordon B, could be contacted and have a sit down, as I did years ago while at Deseret Transportation where I worked at the time. He’s the one that told me I was the Wolf amongst the Sheep, and that has stuck ever since. If you think I would have gotten that much leaway with President Nelson today there, I can say absolutely not. So what do we call the Book Of Mormon now? Why do we not still have Home Teachers? Why is it that those too ill to go to Church are forbidden to have the sacrament delivered to their home? All the things that it is said that we should do as God’s children to do, we have Church leaders saying nope. Or lets modify things to co-inside with modern times rather than what is taught as Gospel. Why is Church policies are becoming more secular, rather than guided by scriptures? Could our denomination be that exact evil Church that was spoken of in Alma? I’m starting to become, as Joseph Smith Jun, was when he saw all the religions of the time, becoming corrupt, and was looking for an answer. The one Church I thought was the true Church is starting to become very cloudy to me. I have been praying on this much of the night. I read scripture, and I do feel that the B-O-M, is rather short, for the information it contains. The last part of Moroni, should not have ended when the old man died. there was more that needed to be said and written, including a lot of what it said, couldn’t be written. I don’t think that was all. I think Heavenly Father through his teachers, had more to say. Why did the teachings of the Church just end at Moroni? Its near that as I think, there is more to the Holy Bible, that where it left off in Revelations. I think there was a Timothy 3 and 4. I think there was at least two more chapters of the book of Moses. I think there was more to both the books of both Micah, as well as Proverbs. Is the reason the Bible was shortened, the same reason, the Church leaders now are becoming like those of Babylon? Corrupt and babbling? Is it simply politics? I want to know as its my own spiritual health and longevity we are talking about here. With that and this must be said. I lurched at the subject, and tried to comment on the article on Church News aka Deseret News. I simply asked if the word Mormon is to be covered up or not used any more, then what are we to call the main book of our entire religious group? The B-O-M is now to be called What? I was written back quite promptly and told my comment was denied, and that I should not ask such questions. Now do you see why even Church people listen to us? 


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