I may be a rebel and at times nasty, but I’ve never abused a woman, some former neighbors can’t say that.



I need to clear something up here. I may not like how our young sister is playing this, but let me say this , after what has been a very rocky road and long bumpy haul, I still consider our Chandra a friend and a sister in the MC. That said, there have been many over the last year, that have stepped in the picture. First there was one who currently applies her skills, at BuffaloWings of Twin Falls. Always an excuse of why she could not drop over, for a prelim interview. The teasing was there, but in fact nothing really physical ever took place. Then there was one from here in Jerome. Her old man had a cow, and took her out and nearly beat her for going over to Wendell for a prelim interview. Then there were a few others, yet in fact dang few , no really none of them could really walk into the studio, sit down and do a show unsupervised. The only gal in 6 years that I saw do that was one who moved from metro Arizona to ETown, that PoohBear didn’t like and thus never remained. Most all say , hey where’s the money? I reply, when did you go out and help sell the shows and all to sponsors? While I wont go full tilt like Kim Lee did, I like his business model. Half the talk show hosts pay him for time on air, on his station. Then the show’s host has to go sell Ads, to stay on the air. I say why not? I wont charge for on air time, but the concept of want to grow your show and the station, when not in studio, go out and find people to buy time on your show and contribute to the station’s welfare. Now true, for some that don’t comprehend it, the toew smooch is a bit kinky, but it cinches up the idea of the station, KTOW or KAY-TOE, thus luv toews2 It just simply means our entire world here revolves around the idea, that no matter what, when or weather conditions, we truly love getting that call to go tow or as we spell it toew. We are not the first, last, or even in the middle, of a toew or automotive company that has fronted a hot gal with a ride to sell a magazine or car product or part. Car Craft, that in part evolved into Hot Rod Magazine, started the trend , well sort of. But it’s not just automotive companies. I can even tell you of one Tatt shop here near where I live, that fronts a intern blonde of his shop, that if you call her bluff, she says no. Although up to the point I plunked down the $60.00 deposit she was all kinds of warming up to the on air on screen thing. Reason, she didn’t to work around bikers,  and yet she works at a tattoo shop. Do you think that Alex Wherley of Business RockStars is still there, because she’s an expert on business creation? No, she’s there because she is a hot blonde, with a near perfect package that can talk, and conduct an interview, that is written for her. Now then too, If I’m such a bad guy, and so on as one heckler bully put it, dig this. Just before I started the consideration of relocating to Boise, in late May, here came Angel. Now. She was cute, had lots of spunk, and at least did complete one show. Yet she felt as she said uncomfortable working from inside a private home. Apparently so did a few others. So I looked over many locations. Decided on this place in Jerome. The idea was she’d move into the tiny apartment here, we’d get the office, and I’d stay living in Wendell. Oh yea I’m such a bad guy to work for and so too the Club. Of which that was challenged earlier. From Karl and Alfred Kuhn, Jimmy Mac, Kathy Dodge, Jon Muir, Correy Hansen, Kelly Obrien, Dave Johnson, the list goes on even to the point I can say and point to one former Chief of Police of Hazzard that is a member still of the Club. Guess Kathy Hensley, CEO 1,000 resort near Hazzard, albeit my 4th Cousin, is a falsehood too? Maybe the hecklers and bullies need to do some more research before opening their mouths. Had two like that over the past few years. Had one in Pocatello that was a door guard at a bikini dance club. Said LexiBelle was a myth. Guess what once the pics with me with LexiBelle and all hit TV, his mouth got shut. Same went with some buttheads in Mountain Home. They said my trucks were a myth, until they finally drove down to Goon’s Ferry and saw the trucks. No they’re not beauty queens , but the trucks were real. They finally had to admit that.  But then got to see the neighbors go to battle with each other. To the point the woman got cut on the sill plate of the front door, her hair being pulled coming out of the house, and well the kids so scared they had to be tended to across the street at The Heathens. Yet this was the same guy that called me evil. Really? Sure I may kiss their toes, invite em in to learn radio and media, and help rebuild a media company, but I’d never physically abuse or injure a lady. More Sunday afternoon after church. 



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