In Utah and some places Wyoming its required, in Idaho it isn’t but still a plus.


Back in I think 1976 or so, Utah started this idea of certifying us who tow in various classes or levels of operation of how to not only to drive a tow truck, but use what was on the back of it. Today to get put on rotation in Utah you have to be WreckMaster, TRAA, or Road Resque Certified. This involves study, skills testing and yes classes. The latter course was created in 1989 in Eastern Idaho, along with the Idaho State Department of Law Enforcement under then Director Kelly Pierce and Jay V Bates. It was part of the legislation signed into law, along with the Idaho Lien Law, that raised the level of what a Tow truck was in Idaho, allowed the use of emergency turn arounds on the highway, and distingquished us from being a utility vehicle to a authorized Limited Emergency Vehicle. Only draw back is that status raised insurance costs, a bit. But finally us in towing were getting the recognition we deserved. So besides all today , that was what I was doing. Taking Certification classes. It’s not just a set of classes teaching on new equipment, but teaching some old skool methods as well, as to how to sling or use an old style tow sling. 

The Road Resque Tow Certification program was created in part by then the Hazzard County Towing Association, now known as the Iron Knytes Toewing Association. The teaching tools were authored by John W Nausbaum of then Johnny’s Towing of Twin Falls Idaho, Myself, Dave Coffelltt of Valley Towing and Radiator(Best place to take a leak), of Twin Falls, and of course us at Highway Hooker Toewing. The final test which required some serious dollars invested, terminated and was graded, when we all assembled at the test track of the Idaho POST Academy in Boise. Where we had to roll over very carefully a near new Idaho State Police patrol car, and roll it back without damage . This took skill. and one hell of a lot of attention. Bottom line, from Tommy N Thompson, of TNT Towing, Don from B&W Wrecker Service, Doug from Doug’s Towing to Johnny, myself and Dave from our area, we all got a certificate and a piece of chrome, that simply said certified Wrecker Operator. So what did you do today? From the time I saw LexiBelleLexiBelle, in the light of dawn at what was then SAMBO’S Resturaunt,{Where Java Bean and Verizon Wireless is now} in Twin Falls, to the hour I dove her home to Hazzard, with that wheel in my hand of the many things I do, going towing is the one thing I treasure the most is going towing.  What does this mean? That in our overnight edition. 


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