SAMCRO stands for: Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original, and a few other answers to our hecklers.

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So woke up at 11:00 hours, awaiting that Phone call from our Chandra, on her decision on moving in or not. Seems a simple thing, want to move in drop by. Don’t want to move in for whatever reason, and I don’t really care why not? Same process, call, email, drop by say decided too small or what ever. At least that want I’m not sitting awaiting when no results are forthcoming. Same thing as when I spent a whole night in Twin Falls, nearly a year ago, awaiting the same lady to drop in there to go over deets on doing photo, and/or on air stuff. Had she she done so, perhaps her year long and still running command captive performance with the Idaho Department of Corrections, would not have taken place at all. Okay moving past that. Had a heckler, saying the biggest thing in motorcycles going on at the Gooding Raceway. First we were told that if any one of our MC were to show up, including the Knytes that we would be arrested for trespassing . In essence we were not welcome. Second even if we wanted to risk that, where was that race track last year that said they would support the Club. That race track is managed by a distant reletive of one of my early mentors John Hollon. Who in part was married to my 5th cousin Mary. Where was that bunch when I was having troubles with my little truck, or for that matter my Stratus? Plus if I hadn’t been awaiting Chandra we might have been able to work on a entry to the show in Gooding. Has anyone outside except maybe one, person, extended a helping hand yo me or the Club? Nope. But my if they need help, like one cat who was in deep stuff a few months ago, calls me to bail em out of jail. Where was that person when we were struggling? To say we are posers and all is ludicrous, we are very real, and as of late and with good reason, very selective of who as a organization associate with, or help, If you haven’t done squat fr the club or even me, don’t ask later on don’t ask anything from us or me. Cause the answer will be, ah we’ll think about it, we’ll call you, don’t hold your breath for that call, cause your lips will turn blue. 


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