The end of another week, hope I am here next week.

It’s the end of another day and another week. Miss Samcro Toew did not show today, don’t know the reluctance it might have to do, with her guy pals or something but, and praying she will show yet Saturday. Because I remained on station for her to arrive as she had said she would, did not go fetch my medications, nor get groceries, or much of anything. About noon I hit the rack, woke at 16:00 sent a few texts to her and as of yet nothing. I’m looking very seriously at Etown, Wyoming. Mostly because LexiBelle is there, and too, its a ton cheaper to reside there. Being 100 miles or an hour from Salt Lake City is part of it, the other thing is, at least for me, for every single tow call, I get here around Jerome, Idaho, I get 5 to 8 calls along I-80 over near Evanston. Don’t sound like much does it, but do the math Here It’s just the $80.00 every other week. In Evanston, its $640.00 a week, or $2,600.00 a month extra in my pocket. Less fuel and truck expenses. That’s why I had money there, but not here. Bottom line, If our Miss Samcro Toew, shows or gets in gear here, I can stand to remain here to build this thing right here in Jerome. If not, come the first week if not sooner, I’m in Etown to find a home, I’m tired of stressing. 

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