Maybe some folks should consider just living with Mama its cheaper that way.

I knew I should have went to Church, today, but I stayed home, because the Vixen who wanted the place in our basement apartment said I will be over for sure, made 3 texts, all said yep I’ll be there, even one saying she had her kids, I said okay. Still no show. Finally called her she hung up, so if she wants it she best hurry up. Thing is she’s passing a good thing by. As if she rented it through the people I rent through the same place would cost her $600.00 a month, plus a deposit. And if I stay put, I still am the one that pays for the electricity. Just to move in here she’d have to pony up $1,200.00 on her own, through us, $400.00 and she’s in. Oh well. Her loss, as I’m near done with the whole damn thing, but I will say this when I find the Chamber of Commerce guy that promised that things were better here back in Western Idaho, I’m going to beat the bastard silly. I know of only two people that do what they say they will do, Kathleen, and Charlie. Past that, I’m going to start charging the deposit consulting fee of at least $75.00 , don’t have $75.00? Then don’t bother me. Here is an idea, the entire valley, needs to rip up all the concrete and blacktop, stop all motorized vehicle operation, put up poles to tie horses to, and just have folks ride horses, and drive old wagons, and buckboards.  As the area has no concept of technology, honesty, or any kind of long range prosperity only more of the same stuff, new day. Welcome to my world, but it would have been nice if the Vixen from Boise would at least have called and said I no longer am interested in the small apartment. Then I’m not staying home, waiting on no shows. Just remember that it was this kind of stuff that landed you in the cross bar hotel, a year ago. 

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