The times I was right and spoke up and the times even though I was right that I should have just shut up.

As I get ready to go into deep slumber, amist with the lofty aroma of fermaldihide I was thinking of all that has happened over the last 5 months. Sometimes I just think too much. But I thought, that just after Chandra got out of the cross bar hotel, and was planning on moving there. Yet circumstances didn’t allow that. Yes Boise bound was I, but had detour 1. Then came June , where PoohBear, somehow lost her funds. I stil don’t believe all of that but okay. Then entered in Angel. The first few weeks were great, but because I had to pay the rent all by myself didn’t allow any wiggle room. Still then as now fighting with CenturyLink. Ever get the feeling that CenturyLink, just  just does not want me or the MC to be their clients? Seems everytime we seem to be getting things smoothed out there , something messes up. Looking back and the 21st of next month is the one year anniversary of our joining CenturyLink’s client list. Makes one wonder why and I should have, just went internet silent for 4 months, paid off Cable-One, at $500.00 a month, and went back to being their customer. Considering the thousands of dollars that CenturyLink has cost us. Hopefully this week, our tech Greg, will be over to get us reconnected. If not come the anniversary, I’m going to the SLC office with a court summons. In the area of a net loss of a half a million dollars. It’ll make that $2k, settlement look like chump change. Any mile, getting back on course here. So because of money and all had to loose Angel, and move over here to Jerome. Which I did, mostly to accomodate her. Granted the Club was tweaked that no more got done with her under my command, at the Wolf’s Lair, still in time that might have improved. And I’m still looking at somehow before years end to get her at least half of what we owe her, even though there are those in the Club that says don’t do it. In my thoughts, its more of a ethical rather than anything else there. Okay then here I am, having being here, since July or so, went through a heat stroke, loss of my car, and mucho loss of income. My was this fun(not)?

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