With all the stuff the sorcery is based on people taking advantage for money the fact that Earth right now is really messed up. I have the absolute answer, His name is Jesus Christ.

phootenotes banner 2 aS I get into my world to rid myself yet another day, I want to clue those into what we are and what we do here. The reason I am starting off here is some dork thinks that what we are about is some sort of weird porn. PhooteNotes has to do with and is all about the world us who answer the call when we are needed to rescue disabled and injured motor vehicles. While the term Highway Hooker might conjure up something other than its real meaning is their point of view. Highway Hooker, started off as a concept thought up by Tommy N Thompson of TNT Towing of Boise, at the time he was one of my mentors, and teachers when it comes to towing. He had some T shirts made up that read Our Hookers Handle All Sizes, meaning he had a tow truck for any type of vehicle rescue. When I was conjurning up the the name for my company in 1979 I looked at many and just slightly prior to my joining forces with things Hazzard County, Highway Hooker Toewing was and is still my primary company name with sub title Samcro Toew. So sorry to disappoint the city dork thinking what we do here is related to porn your dead wrong. Much to do today,. Chandra never did show up today, says at first it was a family matter, then that there’s weird shit going on with her. If this was me, and knew that I had held a good friend that somewhere in the future. If I had even a 1/4 of a $400.00 , I’d take at least $200.00 or so, and say sorry, but because I caused you to loose your phone for a day and all, that, here’s $200.00 or so to help you. At least I could have taken $175.00 to Mr. Landlord and eased some of the long term pain. As it is, I really have no idea that or if I’m even going to be here, past September 1st. With all the crap, of Cable-One, CenturyLink, the getting behind then with the guy who owned the house in Wendell, caused by one gal, coupled with one named Marie, and in a short bit a gal, who ripped me for $100.00 in Burley which is what caused me to get behind in rent. Over the past year, I have paid out more money with no results which is Why, Angel didn’t get anything, because the Club High Council officers didn’t see anything she had done. The Club is no longer paying for teasing. If I want to be teased and pay out money , I’ll go to a bikini bar. At least at the bikini bar I can get close enough to it that I can at least smell it. When it comes to Chandra, I like this young lady fine and all, but it seems as a bunch of things are one sided. And perhaps her year long captive performance with the Idaho State Correctional System, would not have taken place if she had came to the meeting between her and I at the Depot Grill, rather than having fun somewhere else. The fact is, even with the conditions as they are, no PO, would even think that in fact more likely kick her in the butt, to solidify the renting of this mini apartment, knowing that as long as she was living under me, and being somewhat supervised by the Knytes, that she would not get into things that could break her probation and land her back in the big joint. But hey I am pushing back, just saying it the way it ought to be. In closing on that, she has the power in her hands, to retain us here and complete the project that Brought us together in the first place. As If it happens that I’m given the boot here, I exit Idaho , for good, except for that time they plant my body at the Grace Idaho grave yard. More in the afternoon. I need to go read scriptures. On that, and this is something that I was taught very recently maybe over the period of 6 months. By a fantastic lady who in a fashion became like a second mom. Her family is like my family. I used to stew and worry so bad it was killing me. Finally she came over there at the house in Wendell, and had a serious kick me in the butt counseling session. Besides the doTerra oils she taught me to A believe there is a solution, and a blessing, to solve a problem, and Two, put the problem in Heavenly Fathers hands. The solution may not be the one we were looking for, but its God’s solution, and he will make it so that we may conclude our malady. As a result, I’m taking less medications like Lithium, less Goody’s Powders, and enjoying those blessings that God lets me see, like the Morning Doves, the tiny birds, even enjoying the tiny insects. Like this tiny praying mantis that came in the door yesterday morning. Knowing the critter meant no harm, he flew around the complex here, sat in front of me as I ate breakfast and just looked at me. I looked at him too. I make friends with those kinds of critters since if they do welcome you into their world, they are extremely loyal. Unlike some human women. Not only is a human woman’s sting toxic, it can be lethal, and will damage your mind in ways even a rattlesnake can’t do. 



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