Do, Don’t , no in between and oh yea there’s an apartment next to me for rent too.

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So was in slumber land not really expecting Chandra to surface, but she shows, Mom and her goes downstairs, no peep, no phone call, no its too small this or that. So am looking for a MALE room mate, as well as considering options. And this is what I stayed up days and nights for plus only part communications for? No thank you, but hey sister there’s an apartment next door in the green apartments next to me that became open.  a Simple, phone call, text or something saying our little cave unit wasn’t to her liking would have been an appreciated courtesy, thinking of the calls and all I made to her Defending attorney, and the courts on her behalf. Oh well, nuff on that.

So went over to Wendell after scrounging up some change, and got me the last can of Skoal for the month and to try and snag my prescriptions. Got most of them, except for my Lithium, and Metformin. Guess the Doc thinks I don’t need those nor the test strips. Guess my Doc is selling his practice to St. Lukes, so need to do some work on that behalf. It’s going to be tuff living here without sub contracting the Wolf’s Cave, but some how I think we’ll make up for it, after all if Chandra tucked tail and ran, from it; perhaps and no doubt, others will do the same. This tiny apartment is for a guy, not a woman, but hey its a roof over thy head. The other very least Chandra could have done was leave a few dollars, considering she kept me on hold for a week and a half. Oh well. 

Changes are coming to the organization, although SAMCRO will still be the parent organization here, there’s going to be more attention gave to the Iron Knytes rather the Knytes of Dixie, or less MC(Motorcycle Club) and more TC(Truck Club) Which is what it all started out to be any way. Met with some school administrators today, with a follow up in the AM Thursday, on bringing to ignition a revamped Trucker Buddy Program. For you not in the know, Trucker Buddy is a middle school program that unites a long haul trucker with say a Junior high school class. The Class does math, geography etc to match a truckers route. Calculating distances, of fuel milage and all,  Kind  of making school with real world science. The program is underwritten by Chevron Oil/Delo oils. This works together and  indirectly with the Iron Knytes project of old that helped create the Iron Knytes in the beginning. As then we united as the TeenAge Truckers Association the only to date and stand alone 4-H truck Transportation project, of the 4-H Clubs of America. We created that in 1974 as a outreach by the Gooding County Extension Service. The MC thing was and is fun, but its recreation, The TC or Truckers Club, is a profession, remember if you got it a truck brought it. The only difference between a trucker and biker, is this, the rig he(or-she) drives, has more doors, bigger fuel tanks and more wheels and tires. Both are for the greater part the same thing.

Still waiting for CenturyLink to get back to me. 

Good numbers to ya’ll.

One Last thing for both Chandra and her Mom, Not only have I stuck by Chandra for nearly a year now, through her trials and all, as long or if she would have accepted the invite of the Wolf’s Cave, apartment, as long as there were me upstairs, no messes below that could violate her probation. 

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