Don’t you wish the people in the trenches ran the company?

Don;t you wish the people that work in the Trench’s ran the company? Example this morning, Greg our main guy with CenturyLink , had a break in his daily rounds, stopped by, everything for the 20/20 meg set up is ready just need the line numbers to put it into gear. I know that Jana is busting whatever it is that women bust, to get that done, yet someone in the higher ups in that organization, is not to stimulated to let out the clutch and shift the thing into gear. But it’s not just CenturyLink, with the struggle with Dish Network, in getting sat TV set up here, I had to go through two days of chatting with those babbled foreigners in some distant place just to explain where Jerome Idaho is, much less where I was located in it. But this occured after they charged me $4.00 just to run credit. Really? This took 4 times when the data remained the same each time? We have multiple sources of information. Some links to that information is scarce and obscure, other parts are quick and dead on. Question, is why is it that Greg knew exactly where we are and what to do when he got here? Yet the so called big earning experts, have no clue. See where I say, in the days of store fronts and eye to eye people and merchants we were better off. You went into the phone company, told em what you needed and you got it. Usually from someone that lived where you did, that had the idea of where your at. Don’t get me wrong, I think Jana is a dear, and Greg is a person, that is not earning a pay check worth his abilities and all, because I do think very high of both these people. These are people that as we ascend in our native industries here, and regionally, I’d hire in a split second. Reason? They know what their doing, and they understand the human contact. Just like yesterday evening. After the mess with Chandra was over. I was sitting out front on my little chair doing my people human behavior research, when here came two LDS, Sisters Missionaries. One was dang looking hot? Yea so what, never read anything in scripture that says thou shalt not look with admiration. With my nerves nearly at a breaking point, the extra hot one, put her arms around me and gave me a hug. That hug at that time with no other thought in mind, was as valuable, as any money or anything anyone could have gave me. With them being Missionaries and all, and what was going on, I got also to see, God directing a miracle, . Why else would two sisters just wander over to me, with me with Skoal in mouth? With that I am firmly sure that with all that has happend over the last month, that God is telling me my needs will be met and not to fear. Maybe my other super friendly sister and family could drift over Saturday Morning, at 10:00 AM to help mow down and rid the back parking lot of mine as these two sister Missionaries will be helping. Thing is, just because someone rides a bike, has ink, and belongs to an MC, does not make him(or her) evil, it just makes us unique.



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