But must it be done 8 times a day?

As I attempted to catch some shuteyed slumber but couldn’t due to the stench of wet dog, dog piss and foul odors, I endured another night with BiZ TV. Again I watched for the 8th time BiG Biz TV a show that claims its heard many places but seems to not be listed on any of those vision destinations claimed, then saw Business Rockstars that it seems isn’t the same creature since our media werx pulled the plug there for doing way too muc repeats. The founder of Business Rockstars now has a show on called CoFounders which is a great gig, and yes I signed up for it. But I scarcely see it doing must good. Yet all these shows seem to just be repeated several times a day. Once you see one episode, a new one might be nice but nearly 8 times? The only thing that’s keeping that gig going is Britt and Alex. If they were not on board the thing would fall on its but in a manure rut. Of course BiZ TV is a sub of YouToo, TV Network. And both it looks like are struggling. For as much as they are trying the just can’t get any traction for their actions. Maybe the thing needs a overhaul or at least a damn good tune up. One of the things that keeps us here at HazzardAyre/SAMCRO MC Radio going is our tenacity and our dedication to task. No body here is an absolute broadcast expert, but compared to what I see at YouToo/BiG BiZ TV, we are downright guru’s. Maybe the guy who owns that operation should have been so abrupt with us, ya’ll think? 


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