The night turning morning , 8 tows, 3 impounds was busy here, and looks like I’ll be offline for a week.

samcro toew talk

It was busy here much of Saturday, waited until mid noon for the new tenants for the Wolf Cave to show up. They did, paid most of the first months rent, and now its box and cart everything upstairs. Clean then they’ll be someone downstairs. Then fussing over need to have a Fridge, Kathleen brought one over that had been in her barn, needs cleaned up but should be okay. Let ya’ll know. With that wrapped up and a floor fan ventallating my quarters I went to bed. I heard, saw, felt nothing. PoohBear called once , texted me twice, but my mind was 450, kazzillion light years away in a galaxy far, far away. Went back to sleep for a few, then in came the tow calls. Seems as though the full moon, the weekend before all schools starts and a dry hot Saturday brings out the freaks. So went to those wrapped all of that up, decided that I needed feeding so meandered over to the Depot, for once the food there did not kill me, saw that Sarah there gained a few pounds, must be that baby carrying thing. Saw one gal there that you know was a candidate for wife for the night. She had a customer, and yes I know. So on the way over there saw some body had knocked down a sign post with a birds house on it right at the intersection. Too hungry did my bit at Depot Grill, on way back saw a county mounty, did a perfect 3 point turn, pulled behind him, (bet that made him shit) told him about it, so went up turned around again and came back to the complex here. On that since I have to move my Internet stuff I wont be online at all for about a week, need Greg at CenturyLink to roll over and do a rewire. So knowing CenturyLink, that might take a few. In all it was a great day. Until the first week of September, get me on the phone. 

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