Wolvez looking for prey or something like that, and are all women a pain when Mother nature calls each month?


The Wolvez are on the prowl for new prey, let me put that in another way. Work is currently going on here at the Wolf’s Lair for our 2019, air combat calendar and video. Along with the most aggressive membership recruitment ever done by the WolfPack. As such the hunt is on for hot new video talent. This is a challenge all year long. Yet and she sure knew this long before she got in with me and the entire AC(Aviation-Club) and all that we do hot blooded video work to promote the memorial and historical importance of aviation in all of our military disputes both overseas conflicts. Now I never invented the nose art, on military aircraft, but it is a segment that requires much work to do. Yet PoohBear does not fully grasp this. Although and its kinda cool, one of our lady Missionaries does and once she is done with service to the Church is willing to give it a try. On that subject, two of our Church members are helicopter pilots. Our Mission Chairperson is one, and our gospel principles teacher is a helo pilot. How cool is that? Yet my PoohBear has no idea why I search for potential talent by subscribing to some of the FB pages and groups that I do. Reason? Simply you never know where you might find one that could and will fill the role. Which brings me to a question. Does or is all and I mean ALL women goofy as hell, on that week or so that mother nature visits.? It has to be. Reason I ask is simply this. Every month when PoohBear snags that problem, she gets these over run and un needed fits of insecurity, that drives us guys nuts. One of these days once I research it more, I’m going to write a book and publish the informational publication of, what a man needs to know when Mother nature invades the domicile. More in a few, gotta go play with the new recruits.

L8R Aviators.