09:00 hours wake up to go see the Doc.So making this short.

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Got a 09:00 touch down to see the old Doc, to get a bio tune up, so going to make it short. 

So spent most of the night attempting to get Realtek to work on the computer that our great lady in Wendell gave me. Trouble is, even with the software installed the computer itself wont recognize it. One of the reasons I hold onto my old Del, is first I was smart to buy a computer that had an AMD Processor. Two, outside of a rare occurance that old Del never misses a beat. For a long time I had the Malwarebytes installed. Which kep my computers crashing all the time. Once I removed that its not so bad. Then there is Win7, I know that I should update, but Microcrap, fumbled the ball when they rushed to launch Win10. So many programs were left out, of Win 10. I have Win10 in my laptop, but old Bessie runs good without it and since all my good programs from Win Sound Recorder that Win10 does not have. Oh Win 10 has voice recorder, but not sound recorder. Sound Recorder allows snagging audio content that voice recorder wont. Old Bessie has an advanced RealTek, system installed complete with equalizer, Win 10 don’t and even this older Lenovo that Kath’s hubby gave me, can’t get that to work, and there is not any new news to find answers from online anywhere. Even went to both Lenovo’s and RealTek’s site nothing, then tried Intel’s site, still nothing, infact according to Intel, can’t even upgrade the software or motherboard drivers. So have 3 options, find software for Realtek, at a computer store that will work with Win7, Two replace the audio card or swap out the Intel, thing and reinstall an AMD. I had once a Presariom that came with an Intel, processor. Had all kinds of problems with it, then took it to a Oriental guy in Mountain Home, he pulled out the Intel, reinstalled the AMD and that thing ran like a cat with the the craps. I mean it really worked. When I needed to upgrade it to then new Win98, from ME, then finally to Win-XP, I took it to a really smart guy at the Totally Awesome Computers just outside the east gate of HAFB. He upgraded that thing to where it was near bomb proof. Had all kinds of goodies. From a pro radio audio card only cost me I think now about $250.00 . The only option other than those? Scrub the hard drive, and donate this computer to DI, and go find a newer more horsepowered computer with Win7 with, yes an upgraded RealTek. Oh and yes on old Bessie had a couple of fuss’s in Western Wyoming, took in to Cajun Computers there, Mike fixed the old girl up and outside of a few crashes due to Malwarebytes, old Bessie still delivers. Why is it that these high tech guru’s I’m used to in say Wyoming and Metro Utah, reside and all here in Western Idaho? See ya’ll in the afternoon.


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