Just because they did then , don’t mean they do now.


A  few ago, one of my rough housing brethren and I were a ratchetjawing about some of the ladies that drew our breaths away. For me there was both the Ellis sisters, of Hazzard, then there was Jodi Hemmingway also of Hazzard/Sun-Valley. But there was also the ones I knew from grade school in Utah, ones I should have, ones that I didn’t. There was smooching Vickie, who lived across the street from us on Spurlock Drive. Every day when I’d get home from JRROTC, there she was coming over and kissing me with this ungoshly waxy lipstick she got from Barbie play sets. Yuck. If I had known then , what I do now, shit I should have just unpealed my britches and gave her the screwing of her life. Bet Ed And Arlene would have told her, don’t go there anymore. Then there was that gal at the end of the street who was teasing all over the place, chute I should have just plopped her against that ditch and popped her cherry goood.There was the Cornaby twins, Camile was the hottest, her younger sister teren’t too bad neither. Today, old and darn right knarly. There was the girls my Mom and my 6th grade teacher paired up for me, yet I had only one vision, Peggy Ann Follett. I saw her when I started 2nd grade at Crestview Elem. School there, and until we moved here to Idaho,(a move I keep cussing my parents for every day. We never should have moved here, should have sold that place near Hazzard, which would have remained part of both West-Point/Hagerman, if we hadn’t, a story for another time)Peggy was so damn sweet she melted my soul every time I saw her. She did become,  a teasing angelic vixen who loved making me her servant, with little in the way of returned affection. There was one tiny mouse of a girl in 6th grade named Cyndi Bousche who didn’t look very attracting then, today, she’s a hot fox, managing a chain of grocery stores owned by Smith Food & Drug. Back then the ones who looked hot, their looks have faded. After many children, and just age, those my age, even ones a bit older, chute, now they are really scgraggly. There was one that I remember near here, well two. That sort of taught me the real lessons of romance. Yet today, fugdugly. Same with Hollywood. Yea they looked good then but not now. The gal who played Cindi Brady on the Brady bunche , yuck, she got rather plump, works on radio in Los Angeles, and would make the paint of a wooden fence fall off. Maureen McCormick who played Marsha Brady. Same thing, oh and that big snoze? Yep it grew bigger, but many guys went through puberty with her photo on the wall. As for me only girly photo on my bedroom wall was that of Nurse GoodBody from HeeHaw. 4537efa994af73a74c1086fdcec435be <then , Now>Gunilla-Hutton age has not served her well. Just about every teen boys heart throb, today has turned well nearly wrinkly as a prune. But back then, ah, there’s not one serious kountry guy that would have said no. Of course and there is some of it happening to her, but we have our own Nurse GoodBody,(and yes she has a great one) luv toews2 she had me at hello. I’ll relate that story some other time. I remember this 3rd cousin to one of the Crist family’s boys. She worked at this interior decorating place in Wendell at the time. One day I was working there for her Uncle Leroy, putting down carpet. She had heard I dug hosiery, came over sat down propped a ped and said lets have fun we did the rest is history, except now days, bet she looks like death warmed over. The easy women become much more conservative, the ones who would let you stick em, then wont now. The ones who didn’t will now out of sheer despiration. My hair got grayer, my balls have fallen lower, and many of those even though they looked great then, like Jeri Omahandro of Hazzard, who made me twitterpaited at her vision, today makes Herman tuck in and shrink. Its just like my tow truck LexiBelle LexiBelle might look like junk, but under the hood and where it counts, still kick kicks butt. Yepper’s once they looked hot, but not today, their breasts hang to their thighs, their butts got the size of a fuel tank off a Kenworth, and their butts look the size of the back of a fuel tanker truck. Big and stinky. Just one of the things we will be chatting about in the AM on SAMCRO /AYREWOLF FM Radio. on: http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf 

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