Right now I’m hungry, more over I’m pissd.

Right now I’m hungry and pissd. First the hungry part. It’s not that I can’t go get food, especially milk, but its that I have no way to keep things such as dairy products cold. Yes Kathleen and all were very kind to bring me a old fridge, but its so dirty, that the only way to truly clean it is to take it to a car wash and hose it down. Since I can’t do that myself, I’m stuck, which brings me to the pissd part. Late June found myself with a tough decision, move back to Evanston, stay in Wendell or attempt to extend my efforts in this area and relocate just the radio werx to a more professional location. Thought we had one in Twin Falls that Angel and I had scoped out pretty well, except every other day getting closer to closing that deal they kept raising the rent rate. Finally saw this one here in Jerome. I’m finding I got snookered pretty good, but now have sub rented the downstairs so my ass is really in it. Seems everytime someone hears radio station, or that its going to be rented by an MC the rent goes up. Which to me is pretty weird since so many people love TV shows and movies about us who ride bikes or drive trucks, but in reality they just don’t want to be around truckers and bikers. So they become itimidated and thus when its an MC renting a place they jack the rent rate or want more for a deposit. In Wendell it wasn’t so much the rent rate, but there was always some kind of money payout. First besides rent came the power bill which to keep that tiny house warm last winter cost me right at $ 325 a month. Then it was nearly $200.00 a month for water,sewer, trash. Which while the water and all here is covered, and to a degree the power bill, still, I have one room where my bed is, that really reacks. Seems besides the idiot residing up in the larger unit here decided to recharge his cell phone battery , under a piece of carpet, don’t ask me why, as I have no idea, but it started a fire. Not only upstairs here but filled my Wolf’s Cave with toxic fumes. So I called the fire department. With the the property owners showed the guy to the door. I was going to not pay rent for August and move out, but since Mr. Firestarter moving out thought hey now we can get things going again on radio and so on. Plus the place has a small shop attatched to it. So suggested that if I could bypass the deposit if I cleaned it up. So enlisted again Kathleen and family’s help. Thought we had it smelling purtty, but that middle room is where Mr. Firestarter kept those Pog dogs. Which pissed, pooped everywhere in there. Its so bad that its bled into the padding. So I’m at a quandry, do I again enlist Kathleen’s help, move my stuff out of here either to a dry self storage place, including my mini truck, me go to Wyoming. As far as the people downstairs, they can be pissed at me, not my fault. This would be a great set up if I could just get help from a good attorney to make the property owners do what they agreed to, the tough part is, nobody put any of this on paper. Now then and thank her for what she’s done so far, but since I moved from Wendell, CenturyLink has yet to place the go ahead order so that Greg can finish things up. However with things so up in the holding pattern I’m not in such a big hurry. Where does this end? Moreover I’m mostly pissd at myself for believing and trusting people, first my landlord in Wendell, and now here. Wish’d now I had just stayed in Evanston. 

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