If you can’t do it right, don’t do the , mutha at all.


Every day or just about every day, I go to FB to take a gander on there at what might be good to put on air or to take a sniff of what might look good on our video projects. So there are people going twearky with their smart phones. These damn things are completely dorky since they tell only about half of the story  of what’s being shown. If not that its just a very badly produced video. I say let the people who do this pro do it, the rest of the idiots doing up videos, put down the cell, smart phone, and step away. Now there might be a few of you, who could say, that same thing about our online radio station. Dig this I will grant you, we did rush to get it on air way too soon in Wendell Idaho, before we had all engineered. Staffed and all the tech bugs worked out. I was looking at our calendar for the past year. It was September 21st of last year when after numerous attempts with Cable-One to get the bandwidth horsepower we required to properly stream KTOW. So I said no worky, no money. I got disconnected. In frustration and pending going back to Evanston, Wyoming, I contacted CenturyLink. Some order taker said I couldn’t get the backbone I needed but she knew someone who could. Enter Raphael . From Pheenix, system was ordered, but no specs on what they needed from us. No one knew, until I got with their local tech Greg. Aside from him, it was like watching a bunch of monkeys screw a football. Everyone I called had no clue of what was supposedly was going on. At first I was promised 3 months of free service, then two months discounted service, and by May, this year things were where they needed to be. Then we moved here to Jerome, from Wendell. While the DSL is working albeit underpowered, the 20/20 isn’t hooked up. Now dig this I was told that I was to get 30/30 , but after further investigation , this was not possible. Jana our consultant said if we paid $700.00 and something we could get it, chute we’re already contracted for $550.00 a month, can’t they just kick the mule in the butt and give me what was promised? Especially when the move here to Jerome from Wendell , was based in part of that bandwidth? In good times, HazzardAyre/SAMCRO Radio/AyrewolfFM generates right at $400,k a month in advertising. We kick butt. Except when we are waiting on such tech partners as Cable-One or in this case CenturyLink. Then we loose the equal amount at right at $500.00 an hour.  I was told yesterday at our fall High Council meeting, that we get CenturyLink to kick it in the rear here and get off the throne, and get the order made, or mid month Jon’s {our Club President’s father in law} an exceptional criminal defense attorney also the Club’s attorney will be contacted. Expected suit will be just under $800,k.  My advice to Hope and Jana, do not pass off my phone calls, best yet, get the whoever on board and shift this in gear. Again if your not going to do it right, don’t do the mutha at all. I’m headed now to the MVM, its Orange Jullius time. 



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