Okay , busted. I am on SSA and yes buy food via a SNAP card, but I keep trying to distance myself from that.

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Okay busted, guilty as charged. Yes I do exist on SSA/military pension and yes I buy my food via a SNAP card, but that don’t keep me from trying. With that said, I feel sorry for all those that feel sorry for themselves that just sleep all day from depression. Likewise those that have pretty much gave up. I could have twice. The first time when all too many including 4 assholes that held the purse strings of the Montgomery Foundation. When they sold off my house near Hazzard, all sense of security was lost. Did I give up? No, thankfully the money of the Montgomery Foundation/Trust was intact. So I rebuilt. Then in 2003 My cousin Bud, sold 8 blocks of Bannock in Boise that belonged to the Montgomery Foundation for a mere $600,000.00 that 8 blocks would have been worth millions today. The property was purchased by, Butch Otter and Scott Simplot. In latter 2004 the annuity that Bud invested the $600k into, got into trouble. an SEC investigation into Metro Western Investments the annuity that Bud invested MY money onto, found Metro execs had their hands into the cookie jar. As such those assetts were frozen. As such my Cousin got my butt enrolled into SSA as a cushion during the recovery of the Montgomery Foundation monies. No to address the situation that was mentioned by some asshole on everybody gives me money. Really. I only go to those people who do contribute to my substance, only when I need to. The rest of the time I’m busting my ass attempting to rebuild the original ground zero charter of the Knytes. The rest of that is I was born here. For me to ask money from those who could enhance the radio gig and all, is NOT out of line. The officers of the Knytes are people who absolutely know or knew my Mom, Dad, and what we are and started with. Many of which are still with us and have stuck with us. And why shouldn’t I ask money from some others? Many of those outside of one sweet loving family near Wendell, the rest I have requested to throw in a few dollars, are those who My Mom & Dad, invested into them. Dig deep, into the people of 1,009 springs resort aka Sligers south of Hazzard. What about the Twitchell’s yes the Knytes helped there with a concert, who was the biggest contributors? My Mom, The Hagerman QRU, ask where the seed money for that came from, or whose idea in the beginning idea that was. My Dad, Mom and yes me.  but hey I’m such a bad person. In my view, its payback time. Yes I have been cheated and hurt, I could roll over, move into a tiny house and just keep to myself. But that’s not how Christ told me to do. Nor how he taught. Now I’m going to piss off a few people here but here goes. Starting with Chandra. Back last year about this time she signed up with us. No contact for months, set up a dinner meeting she don’t show. Shortly after guess what? She gets arrested. Few months later she contacts me. Can we rather I help. Even a letter of character. No problem. But no person to send it to. With some sniffing around found the PA and sent the letter. But hey, a few months later she needed money for things in Prison. Where do we send it to? Wasn’t until she got out, did I regain contact. Which brings us to June of this year. And had the snag in PoohBears contribution not happened , I’d already be in Boise. But I needed a boost in in house talent for the radio gig. The basic idea was to hire one poster girl, do a photo session, print, post it. Pay the model, and be done with it. But the one applicant that came in, I considered that she might have more than just a hot body. There is substance there. So I took on Angel. I had too many saying don’t hire her she’s trouble. She came in, did one show, some research, but little else. Club President Jonny said , just what did she do? No service, no pay. Except for one show. Which I was going to do this month, except, I was told by a few of her guy pals not to contact her. So what do you do? I don’t chase money, I also don’t chase down money to those we owe. Want a paycheck? Show up on pay day, or forget it. The list and circumstances is long, but understand, Angel or someone like her, I’d rehire in a New York second. But I’m not going to beg. I will keep on, keeping on. I may be on SSA, right now but I believe in what we as a Club and what I am as a person can ascend to again. 

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